Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What I'm Wearing Wednesday and Wordless Wednesday

One of my BBB's Jivey from Ideas by Jivey is awesomeness.
If you didn't already know you know.
I'm pretty much convinced that she is a teacher by day and a...
superhero by night.
I bet she has her own superhero outfit, but she can't
show it to us because then she would be givin' up her identity.
I think she started this What I'm Wearing Wednesday linky just
to make sure we weren't somehow copyin' her superhero outfit ideas.
I bet she has a cape.
I want a cape.
I guess I'll just have to settle for my borin' ol' outfits.
You can keep readin' if you're even interested in knowin' about my
lackin' awesomeness outfit. 
We can't all be superheroes.  

I'm not actually wearin' this today because well...
this was taken in Florida...
where Jerm is...and I'm not in Florida...I'm still in California...
with this shirt.
I did wear this shirt yesterday though, so I figured I could use this picture.
Is that okay?  
Am I breakin' rules, Jivey?
Don't answer that.
I got this on for like $7.99...I think?
I didn't think I liked Aztec stuff, but for that price I figured
I would try it out. 
It's bright...I like brightness...even if this picture doesn't show that.
I think it's actually supposed to be a dress.
I'm on giraffe status, so as you can see...if I wore 
this as a dress it would not be very appropriate for public places.
If you own this and wear it as a dress...I won't judge.
I'm all for whatever makes you feel pretty.
I like it as a shirt...for me.

I'm also linkin' up with Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice 
for Wordless Wednesday.

Have you headed over to
to enter Christy's giveaway?

DO IT...that wasn't a question!

Happy Wednesday, friends.


  1. I really like that Aztec dress/shirt. The colors are beautiful, and it looks terrific on you. Do you wear it with leggings? And $7.99?? That's amazing. You find all the good deals. I need to go shopping with you. ; )

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  2. I agree with everything you said about Jivey's awesomeness! I love the Aztec print on your shirt - very fun!

    Fit to be Fourth

  3. Love the Aztec print and can't beat that price! I'm obsessed with's bad!


  4. I think we should all have capes and wear them to school. Maybe on the first day just to make a statement. :) :)

  5. I love your dress,,,,,,ahhhh, shirt! I have the opposite problem. Shirts can be worn as dresses. In fact, I can shop in the boy's department for shirts. Just sayin'! It's fun to be short as I do not clean that which I cannot see (like the top of the fridge).

    Teachers Are Terrific!

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  7. The Aztec print sure has found it's way off the rack! I love it! It looks so good on you! Glad you were happy with your purchase which was a deal! Thanks for the tip about the giveaway too!

  8. I love your shirt/dress! I have two fun aztec print 'dresses' that I bought and ended up wearing as shirts for the same reason! Still cute though! I might have to head to that website and check it out!

    Drop By...
    Life As I Know It

  9. Preaching to the choir! When I lived with two of my girlfriends back in our post college, pre real job phases they would wear my 'dresses/shirts' as dresses. I on the other hand always had to choose if I was just throwing on leggings underneath or feeling brave enough to risk the butt hanging out issue. I was always braver back then. I need to actually try Jane out, I always look but never buy, but I love that Aztec top so I must start shopping!


  10. I love the shirt!! I always love looking at the clothes on, but I'm always too chicken to buy any. I must change this because the stuff you have from there is very cute!

  11. I can't believe I am actually going to write this but so be it. I'm not going to share it on Awesomeness Jivey's linky but I will share with you. I was working on my laptop sitting on the couch when I heard someone come in the door. It startled me because both my kids were not home AND because the only thing I had on was a t-shirt and underwear! Well, luckily it was my 19-year old daughter BUT her boyfriend was behind her! I thought they were both at work! I was freaking out, pulling my laptop over my legs and grabbing a pillow to block any view. She didn't even look my way and went upstairs and he plopped down in a chair adjacent to me! I bet he wonders why I was acting so strange but I was losing my mind! Granted I had a big t-shirt on but still! I started texting my friends for advice on how to get out of it! If you are ever in the same situation, this was good advice: Ask him to take out of the garbage and bolt upstairs when he walks out! So needles to say, my Wednesday outfit was t-shirt and undies but that will never happen again!
    Rockin Resources
    Rockin Resources Blog

  12. I love your Aztec style shirt/dress. I recently bought a dress that I wear with jeans as a shirt. I can't imagine how anyone wears it as a dress, but maybe I'm just taller than their models.
    The Traveling Teacher

  13. Unless I'm wearing my Grumpy Cat shirt I don't know if I'll ever be able to take part in What I'm Wearing. Everyday it would be "shorts, t-shirt, shoes"


  14. I love the shirt so much! Same problem here. The 'dress' would be a shirt. I got two super cute tops today. I'd better join this linky next week. :-)
    Grade 4 Buzz

  15. You are too funny! I love the cute shirt. It looks super comfy and it is really cute!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  16. Love the shirt and happy picture of you and Jerm! If I ever run in to Jivey, I am looking for her cape. Did you know that we work for the same county? One of their pre-requisities is superhero status. My interviewing AP let me slip in past that rule, since I am still in training! LOL Hope you had a great day in your Aztec shirt in California. I wore my purple swimdress before and after the pool, was too busy corralling cranky boys today!

  17. I LOVE! It has the best deals! =)

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

  18. There's no way that's supposed to be a dress! It seems it would be little short even for smaller people! And Jivey is a superhero!! Maybe she'd give us a sneak peak at her cape?! I can wish right?
    A Tall Drink of Water

  19. Well I guess I need to check out Super cute shirt/dress. I guess I have been under a rock not knowing about this site. I love your giraffe I am sure it would be a dress on me, although I don't show my legs so I still couldn't use it as a dress. I am only 5'1" on a good day. I can even get away with XL kids tops sometimes. If it weren't for Victoria's Secret my hubby would have a bigger chest than I gotta join this linky next week. Too fun!

    Luv My Kinders

  20. I just recently discovered and love it! I can't wait to order more goodies once I get home to Texas!
    Southern Fried Teachin’

    1. You should order a bunch of stuff so when you get home, it's there waiting for you. Do it!!!

  21. I've never heard of!! Thanks for sharing. The shirt is super cute!!! :) I will have to check out the site. And btw, I totally believe in superheros too!! :) Too bad they can't reveal their identity to us ;)
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  22. You are hilarious!! So excited to be your newest follower!!

    1. Well hey there, Megan! I can be funny sometimes. Welcome to the looney bin! :)

  23. You are freakin' hysterical!!!! I am NOT a superhero but I wish I was... I could have a cape with a big J on it. I love that shirt! I also wasn't sure about the Aztec thing but I kinda like the few things I have! And no, you aren't breaking the rules. ;-) xoxoxo you are the best.
    ideas by jivey

  24. Oh! That shirt/dress is a great deal! I LOVE the colors and pattern. Are you wearing leggings with it? I love any shirt that I can wear with leggings because real clothes are overrated, I think. I like to be comfy. I would live in pjs if I could. :)

  25. Aztec print is the in thing right now! I went to the mall in search of a bathing suit and Aztec and tribal prints were every where. You are definitely rockin' the shirt, it looks great on you!
    Fifth Grade Wit and


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