Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mmm....BACON....Positive Thinking Thursday...

It's Thursday, time to link up with my 
sweet friend Jennifer from Mrs. Laffin's Laughings
for Positive Thinking Thursday.
This linky makes me smile.
I love readin' everyones' positive thoughts.
I've been in a silly mood I'm takin' the funny route again.

Do you know my hilarious friend Matt Sutton from
If not...go follow him...NOW!
This post was an inspiration from a comment that
he left on my last Positive Thinking Thursday post

One little word was all it took to know what I was goin' to write about...

*I have VERY positive thoughts about bacon.

If you are a herbivore, I apologize to you and allow you to 
exit this post; I promise I won't even judge you.

If you are a carnivore...KEEP READIN'...

(My friend A from The Babbling Box is lovin' this right
now...guaranteed! She appreciates bacon just as much 
as I do.  She even has a place by her home that 
has a basket of bacon as an appetizer....jealous!  
I'm pretty sure our instant bond revolved around bacon)

*This guy makes me laugh every time I see him.
Even more so when it involves bacon.

*True story.

*This is so me!

*No need to make bacon instead!

*I added somethin' educational...are you proud?
I really need to order this shirt.

*Totally usin' this one in my class.
My kids would get a kick out of this.

*Okay herbivores, if you're still here...admit laughed!

*Now this is a book I'd like to read!

I heart bacon.
That is all.
I hope this made a few of you smile.
If not, you can blame it all on Matt for givin' me the idea!

Happy Thursday, friends!
Stay positive.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pesky passwords...what's a girl to do?

I'm so glad I have Tuesdays to help me get over Mondays.
Thank you to my sweet BBB Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper
for hostin' Tried It Tuesday each week.
Tuesdays make me smile.


Tried it Awesomeness #1: Pesky Passwords
Does anyone else live in a district that makes
you change your password every 45 days
to access your school accounts?
(That sounded awfully Hunger Games-ish)
Anyways...I'm one of those people that 
is a creature of habit.
I don't deal well with I'm sure you 
can only imagine my frustration when I get the 
notification that I must once AGAIN change 
my password.
I mean I know it's all for our protection and stuff, but
protection from what exactly?
Our internet is already like Fort Knox...
I'm sure we're safe from the creepers on the outside.
Ain't nobody gettin' in my interwebs to hijack
my lesson plans. 
If they do...they are nuts...
I'd totally give those things up for free.

If you're like me, you probably have a billion passwords
and a poor memory that can't remember them all.
What's a girl to do to manage those pesky passwords?
I've written them down and hidden them from burglars...
and myself.
I've emailed myself and dropped them in secret folders...
that I can't find.
You name it...I've tried it.
I finally found somethin' that worked for me.
Typin' them in a table on a Microsoft Publisher document.
I can quickly change a password and save it.
I started storin' this document on my thumb drive,
and my external hard drive.
 Only problem, I switched to a Mac and I don't have
Publisher when I'm at home.
This doesn't work for me. 
So...I created a Microsoft Powerpoint instead.
Super easy!
Read about how I have the kids store their passwords here.

 I'm always paranoid I'm goin' to lose my thumb I
guard it with my life and treat it like it's a one of a kind jewel.

Tried it Awesomeness #2: Olaf from Frozen
The more drawin's that Rob adds on Art for Kids,
the more excited my kids get.
One of his newest ones is Olaf from Frozen.
My kids were all over this.
We grabbed our 3rd grade buddies to watch Frozen and
draw Olaf one of the
days after testin'.
(Yes, every child sang!)
Perfect stress reliever!

Don't you just love Olaf?

Congratulations to 
and Emily from I Love My Classroom
for each of their 1,000 followers.
So excited for them reachin' this huge milestone!
I absolutely love readin' their blogs and checkin' out their
wonderful ideas.
Be sure to hop on over to their blogs to
enter for your chance to win some fabulous prizes.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Did someone say, "1,000 Follower Celebration"?

Did someone say, "1,000 Follower Celebration"?
Why yes, yes they did!
Congratulations to 
and Emily from I Love My Classroom
for each of their 1,000 followers.
So excited for them reachin' this huge milestone!
I absolutely love readin' their blogs and checkin' out their
wonderful ideas.

AMC and Emily have teamed up with a ton of spectacular bloggers to celebrate.
I'm super duper honored to be a part of this awesomeness.
Don't sleep on this...go check out what they've got
goin' on to thank YOU, their fabulous followers.
Not already a follower?
No problem; you can go follow them now
and enter for your chance to win some amazin' prizes!

Happy Monday, friends!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Quixey and Pocket...Tried it Tuesday

Hey y'all!
I'm poppin' in quickly to say hey to you and to link up with 
my super sweet BBB Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper for
Tried it Tuesday.

A few weeks ago the Tech Department
in my district had a Techshare.
I was bummed I wasn't able to attend, but
they were kind enough to email the presentation
to everyone in the district.
I'm so glad because they shared many things 
that I was not previously familiar with.

Tried It #1: Quixey
Quixey is a search engine for apps.
You can choose your platform that you are searchin' for.
Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry

Here is what Quixey looks like.

 Just type in the word of an app you are lookin' for.

Your options will pop up.

I really like the ability to search all the 
platforms in one place.
This is especially helpful when askin' students to add
apps to their devices since they might each have a different
type of device.

Tried It #2:  Pocket
Pocket almost reminds me of a Pinterest...
only it's safer for kids.
You have the ability to save items to read for later 
and nobody has to see it, but you. can share it with your students
instead of Pinterest(anyone else worry about the things 
that might pop up on Pinterest when you log on?)
I love my friends and their someecards...they make me 
laugh hysterically, but let's face it...they aren't school appropriate.
I don't want to give my kids any ideas that it's okay 
to browse through Pinterest without parent permission.
This is why I think Pocket is a great resource.
Plus, it's available on
Android, iPhone, iPad, and Kindle Fire.

Here's a short video about Pocket.

You should definitely check these sites out! 
So likey!

Have you checked out Classroom "App"lications over at
Christy has a great collection of blog posts 
that she and some other fabulous teacher bloggers
have written about how they
are utilizin' iPads in the classroom.
Be sure to spend some time browsin' through there.

Happy Tuesday, friends...only one more day of testin' after today.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Positive Thinking Thursday...nap time!

Hello, Thursday! 
Time to link up with my friend Jennifer 
for Positive Thinking Thursday.

I need all the positivity I can get this week.
It has been a super long week of testin'.
Only two more days left next week...that's a positive.
I'm super good at always findin' the negative in every situation, so
this linky is perfect for me to get grounded
and try to look at the sunny side up instead.
What could be more positive than takin' naps?

I dedicate this post to my other favorite Ali from
She is the only person I know that appreciates
the true art and power of nap takin'!

Admit laughed!

See...I knew there was a reason I loved to nap.
I feel smarter already.

Who knew?

Don't judge!

Why yes...yes, I absolutely DO have what it takes!
Anyone else up for this challenge?

I seriously need one of these in my life.
For fun would this be?
It would be fantabulous to use for the nap challenge.

It's true...I do!

Take a nap...I promise it will make you feel better.

Happy Thursday, friends!
Stay positive!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My students HIT me...Spark Student Motivation Saturday

Hello, Saturday! 
Today I'm joinin' my sweet BBB Joanne from
Spark Student Motivation Saturdays.

I was ready for this week to be O-V-E-R!
My poor kids deserved this weekend to have a break from me.
They have worked so hard the past several weeks.
They needed some F-U-N to get them 
through the next few weeks.
It was a MUST to spark some student motivation 
before the dreaded state testin'.

What could be more fun than peggin' your teacher 
with water balloons?
Yep...that's right...
I promised my kids that if they gave me their full attention
this week and practiced all of the test strategies I have
taught them, they could then peg me with water balloons.
Turnabout is fair play though...teachers also work super duper
hard durin' state testin'.

Got these at Dollar General.  $4 a pack.
I didn't fill up all of them...I still have plenty left.

This took a while to do because the nozzle that was included
in the bag did not fit the sink at school. 
I was soakin' wet before we even made it outside.

The girls gettin' ready...they look a lil' scared.

Not the boys...they are ready for action!

Of course we had to take a selfie.


The kids let me get each of them individually.
They all got ME at the SAME time.
Let's just say...some of them have unbelievable aim.

They all helped clean up the tiny pieces and are
already beggin' me for us to do this again before the end
of the year.

They will just have to wait and see.

I also asked parents to send in snacks so we could 
have a ROCK the FCAT grazin' party.
The idea behind all day and be merry!

I have a feelin' my kids are goin' to knock this test out...
just like they knocked me out with the water balloons!
That's's just water and I know this will be
a day my kids will remember for a long time to come.

Happy Saturday, friends!