Thursday, July 24, 2014

Florida Teacher Blog Hop...Welcome to PCB!

Welcome to the Sunshine State! Enjoy yourself as you take a tour 
around our wonderful {and large!} state! 
Grab some freebies along the way, and 
be sure to enter to win our Bundles of Sunshine!

You can find me in Northwest Florida, in the Panhandle.
I'm located in the Spring Break Capital of the world and the 
most beautiful beach on the Emerald
Panama City Beach.
I have lived in PCB since 2006.
Before that...I grew up in Southwest Florida, in Naples.
My favorite thing about PCB...
I wear my flip flops...almost all year long.
That's right...I live where some of you vacation!

Want to know my favorite spot in PCB?

Yummy food, delicious drinks, colorful t-shirts and a spectacular view!
I used to spend my summers workin' at Pineapple Willy's.
Walkin' on the end of that pier, wind blowin' in my hair,
sun droppin' down in the Gulf...yeah...not a bad gig, right?
I bet some of you have even been right in that spot and I could've
been runnin' circles around you and you didn't even know!
Next time, let me know you're here and we'll grab one of those
awesomeness frozen beverages!

Stickin' with the beachy theme...I've got a summer-y FREEBIE
just for you...well, lots of you (you knew what I meant).
To grab my freebie, just click the image below.
Summer Lovin' Labels

In honor of the hop, I've placed this on sale July 25th-July 27th.
I marked it down 50%.
Rockin' Behavior Beads Part Two
The Florida teachers below have two fantastic giveaways for you! 
You can enter once from each one of our pages. 
All you have to do is follow my blog! 
Hop around to all the blogs listed below, 
and be sure to follow them to get more entries. 
The more entries you have, the more likely you are to win! 
Each pack also includes a Starbucks gift card 
(because, well, a teacher's gotta have a coffee!).

Come find out more about the beautiful state of Florida by
readin' about these other sweet teachers!

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Thank you for the darling labels! I can think of so many ways to use them.

    1. You are welcome, Debbie! Glad you like them!!

  2. I am so excited to see the states getting together to meet up and blog-hop. So glad I "met" you though blogging but would seriously lOvE to have a drink with you at Pineapple Willy's!!


  3. Looks like an amazing place to have worked - you are like Joey from Dawson's Creek!
    Thanks for the super cute freebie - your tags ROCK!!

  4. LOVE it Alison! It's on my bucket list to come up to the panhandle and show my girls the beaches there. I hope we can stop by:)
    Take care, Amy

  5. Pineapple Willy's looks delish! :) I should've visited the panhandle beaches while I was at FSU for college. They look beautiful!

    Creativity to the Core

  6. Oh how fun! I have a lot to do today, but I will come back and visit all these blogs! Speaking of PCB- I went to a shop there that sells cotton clothing. I loved all of their things (elastic waists and big loose tops) and purchased some. Later, I could not find any source for those brands except that store. So, I'm gonna need for you to go shopping there for me and mail me some packages....... this was at least 5 years ago. That store is probably long gone!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  7. I must get myself to the panhandle!! I've lived in Florida my whole life and only made it there once for a short weekend to attend a wedding. I love that we both put restaurants as the best places in our cities! :)
    -Elyse @ A is for Apples

    1. The beaches seriously can't be beat here. White sand....crystal blue water! Love it!

  8. Maybe I shouldn't keep looking at the Florida Blog Hop…I want to come visit! It's one state I haven't made it to yet. Cute labels :)
    Simple Insights

  9. Pineapple Willy's! ANOTHER reason to visit now that I'm so much closer!
    Have an awesome weekend.. be sure to show off that BLING!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  10. Replies
    1. It really is a rockin' place! I was actually there today...enjoyin' the view!

  11. If I ever get to travel to Florida, I am SO hitting you up for a frozen drink at Pineapple Willy's!! Loving this blog hop friend :)

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  12. I'm coming to visit and we're going to go to Pineapple Willy's!!! :) Have a great weekend my newly engaged friend!!!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  13. Let's go Sunday. Don't they have some live music.

  14. Love your sense of humor! Hope we can get together soon! You might not believe this but I have never been to Pineapple Willy's! Hope your school year is great.
    Burke's Special Kids

    1. Thanks, Sebrina! Yes, I hope we do get to meet up soon too.

  15. What I wouldn't give to be able to wear flip flops almost everyday. Loving this blog hop, I now have an even bigger list of places I want to visit. Pineapple Willy's sounds like a fun place to hang out. Super cute behavior beads. Love that they go along with your theme. Have a great weekend!

    Luv My Kinders

  16. The more I read about the Panhandle the more I want to visit! I've never been, but it sounds incredible!!! :)

  17. I must go to Pinapple Willies! You live in paradise! :)

  18. Oh, the jealousy. I adore living in New England for so many reasons, but talk to my in mid-February. I'd kill to live someplace warm and sunny. Lucky duck.
    The Wild Rumpus 

  19. live in a vacation year round...I'm on the jealous train!!! Pineapple Willy's looks like a load of fun!

    A Tall Drink of Water

  20. I want to come there just to see you! One day we will meet up my friend! It sounds like a great place to visit and live! :)
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

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  22. Florida is now on my must travel to list. Living in California I also get to wear flip flops on a daily basis. Well except for today, it rained. Although, it was hot and humid during this rainfall. It kinda felt like Florida were recently here...I think you may have left something behind. :)
    Fifth Grade Wit and


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