Monday, August 17, 2015

What?! I'm postin' again on a MONDAY!!!

 I have been spendin' countless hours up at school to get 
ready for Orientation and the First Day of School 
this week, but I'm takin' some time out
to share some made-its that have popped up in my room
because I'm crushin' on them big time!
What better way to show them off than to link up
with my sweet friend Tara from 4th Grade Frolics
for Monday Made It!

My podmate, Jeanne, came up with this fabulous idea
 to display student work in our hallways and I get
giddy every time I walk out into our hallways.
I can't wait to hang some stuff up their 
to show off my kiddos' creations.

My sweet friend Elizabeth from Hodges Herald
also did somethin' else similar 
last week for her Monday Made It.

They are laminated pieces of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper.
Clothespins are hidin' under the 4 inch circles
that are also made out of scrapbook paper.
The three different colors match each of our classrooms.

Mine: The bright colors with black circles. 
I will place rockstar pictures of my kids on the circles.

Jeanne's:  The blues, greens, oranges, and grays.

Anna Catherine's: The reds, grays and blacks.

*I wish I would've taken a close-up photo of their
circles, they are all differnet colors of scrapbook paper also.

 This year my 5th grade team has chosen to have
Learning Goals & Scales boards.
We put up ELA, Math and Science/Social Studies.
After we have discussed the standard and learning goals
that are in an "I Can" stament, the kiddos
will move their number to reflect their
level of understanding.
Students are able to move their numbers as
we become more familiar with each standard until
they have mastered them.

Standards and progression scales are printed on Astrobrights paper
and displayed 
in sheet protectors.  
Numbers are backed with adhesive Glue Dots
to stick on the fabric that covers the board.
This is my favorite part of my room this year.

ELA: Fireball Fuschia paper
Math: Lunar Blue paper
Science: Terra Green paper
Social Studies: Solar Yellow paper

*5th Grade Florida Standards
(ELA, Math, Science & Social Studies)
 by Teaching Ambrosia
 and Math Vocabulary
by Alyssha Tomphson-
Teaching and Tapas
are also hangin' on binder rings
for students to pull down and use.

 My biggest question I was askin' myself when we started 
printin' all our standards was how in the world 
was I goin' to store all of the papers? 
The lightbulb went off when I was in Walmart.
I found these expandable files and have separated
out the standards by sections so they each have their own pocket inside.
Example:  Math
1) Numbers and Operations in Base Ten
2) Operations & Algebraic Thinking
3) Number and Operations: Fractions
4) Measurement
5) Geometry

 My last made-it isn't somethin' I actually made, but
I had to share because they are cute!
I am notorius for checkin''s daily mornin' email...
sometimes before I'm actually fully awake.
This display is the result of one of those early mornin'
email browsin' sessions.
I bought 4 packs (pink, yellow, green, blue)
I have my very own Flutterby Butterflies flyin' on my wall!

This just makes me smile!

Happy Monday, friends!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Follower Appreciation Giveaway...come on in and enter!

My sweet friend Lisa from
is havin' a 
Follower Appreciation Giveaway
and she invited lil' ol'
me to participate.

Just look at all the 
the other amazin'
bloggers I get to join forces
with to make 
Mrs. Spangler in the Middle's 
giveaway a success.

You don't want to miss this!
Be sure to enter to win!
Click HERE!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Monday, August 10, 2015

I made it last post before school starts...

I didn't think I was goin' to be able to link up with my 
sweet friend Tara from 4th Grade Frolics this week.
I'm so very glad I was wrong.

It's not often that I admit I'm wrong...
you better write this date down somewhere.

My first MMI has been 
in my mind for a long time
and I'm happy that I finally made it happen.

I picked up some bright 7 inch colored plates
at Dollar Tree (pink, yellow, green, blue, purple) and 
Walmart (tangerine) because
my vision was to put Scientific Method posters
on them.
My hope is to maybe entice my students
to quickly remember the steps.

I used these 
that I found free a few years ago while
I was blog surfin'.

I made 6 inch
circles on Powerpoint, typed up the info and printed.

*I am not offerin' these up for grabs because
this was not my original idea.
I just made it work for me personally
and have to give credit where credit is due.
I did give you a size hint though if you want
to make your own.

I also made my FAVORITE dessert
in the whole wide included.
My Nitty and I used to make this when I was little.
It's seriously the easiest thing you could ever make
and it will disappear quickly.

*Another funny apron for you.  
It's true.

Golden Grahams, Vanilla Ice Cream and Hershey's Syrup.
Marshmallows are optional.

Take the bag of cereal out of the box...
However you spell that...
while the cereal is still in the bag.
Place about half of the cereal on the bottom 
of a casserole dish.
Squirt chocolate syrup EVERYWHERE.
Add marshmallows in there if you want 
to really make it a Smore's Delight.
*I personally don't love marshmallows in mine.
Start scoopin' ice cream on top of the cereal.
Place the rest of the cereal on top of the ice cream.
Squirt some MORE syrup.
Place in the freezer.
Eat as much as your heart desires...
because I said so.
If you don't love this...we can't be friends.

I also made a Homework board from Tara's 
mixed with her

*Homework in my class is readin' for pleasure
which I do on a trust basis...
and it works for ME.
Every class is different though.

Other homework might be...
Sharin' Class News with a parent,
gettin' your agenda signed, 
a quick "exit ticket" on Edmodo online, etc.
I just don't assign "traditional" homework.

I'd rather my babies spend extra time in class 
where they can enjoy some practice 
and I can give them 
immediate feedback.
This works better for us instead of usin'
that time to check homework.
It saves frustration from occurin'
at home...for students and parents....
and ME.

How will this work in my class this year?
Students will have to remove their number
if they do not do their "homework".
I will reward students whose numbers stay on the board.
I haven't decided yet if I will do it weekly or monthly.
Students will also earn "Behavior Bucks" for 
doin' their homework.

A long time ago I made a Pinterest board for
Video Shorts for Reading.
My awesomeness friend AMC from Elementary AMC
was really my inspiration for this because
she has an amazin' Pinterest board
Classroom Videos.
I LOVE usin' short videos in the classroom
to switch things up...and the kiddos do too!

When I saw that the talented, techy Cheryl from
Techie Turtle Teacher has
a weekly linky
Movie Clip Monday...
I knew I needed to contribute somethin'.

Ormie the Pig is one of my favorites.
I've even blogged about how I used this in a writin'
activity in my classroom.  Read HERE.

Monday really is the very BEST day for blog readin'!

Happy Monday, friends!

Monday, August 3, 2015

*Insert Witty Title*...Monday Made It

Here I am again on a Monday...
Sadly this might be my last Monday Made It of the summer
to link up with my sweet friend Tara from 4th Grade Frolics.
I am headin' back to my classroom
shortly and when that happens...I don't
even know what day of the week it is.
For today...I'm happy for Monday.
This post has Math, ELA, and Science all-in-one.

My first Monday Made It is a 
FREEBIE...but you HAVE
to read my big long post to get it.
I know...oh...the torture!

 If you've been around for KNOW
I love to SLEEP.
I nap
I feel no guilt about sleepin' in the afternoons.
None whatsoever.
I can lay my head down at night and sleep just fine...
even if I've had an afternoon nap.
That's what you do at tuck yourself into
bed and you go night-night.

Well guess what...the stuff in my classroom...
it likes to go catch some Zzzz's too.
"Everything" has a home and "Everything" likes to sleep there.
*I don't really know if it likes to sleep or not...that's just
the lines I feed my kiddos because it sounds good and less
creepy than "Everything" runnin' around in our class
in the middle of the night.

So..."Behavior Bucks"
now have a home that 
I made for them this week.
"Behavior Bucks'" first home was
a bank bag that was too dark and had no
windows to peek out of.

"Behavior Bucks'" second home was a Ziploc bag
that got dirty and grimey and often fell on the floor.

Meet "Behavior Bucks" new home....a jewelry holder
that is bein' recycled...I'm so genius!
There are windows...and all the little "Behavior Bucks"
get their very own bed to sleep in and they fit...just right.
*Jewelry Holder purchased at T.J. Maxx awhile ago.
It also has pockets on the back...not shown.
This is goin' to match perfectly in my classroom
with all my bright decor!

How are Behavior Bucks used in the classroom?
That's easy...for lots of stuff.
It's Math.

You got your agenda signed...get a buck.
You sat down on the carpet quietly for read aloud...get a buck.
You were thinkin' outside the box...get a buck.
You taught me somethin' new on the 'puter...get a buck.
You understood the idea of what I'm talkin' about here...

Can you lose bucks?

Don't have any bucks?  
You should probably find a friend to borrow one from because
you are not allowed to owe ME any bucks.
Nope, nope, NOPE!

What do I do with my bucks?
Be responsible for them, count them...and
spend them...of course!

What do I spend my bucks on?
Whatever you little heart long
as it's on the chart.

What chart?
This FREEBIE CHART right HERE that
also has the numbers, behavior bucks and titles included.

Because I love you.

I also made a Book Buzz that my sweet friend Kelli from
Tales of a Tenacious Teacher created a few weeks ago.  

Don't you just love her vibrant colors she uses?

This is so good that Tara ALSO made this for one
of her Monday Made Its this summer.

So...of course I had to make one TOO!
It's ELA.
I printed out my Book Buzz Tabs on Astrobright paper
usin' my NEW printer that you might have seen on 
I scooped up a cutie green basket, some lil' owl stickers, 
and some pretty curlies from Dollar General.
Love how it turned out!

I am so excited to implement this with my readin' Nerd Herd!
I already made sure to tuck in my first book suggestion for them.
I wonder who will find it first.  
They are goin' to...get a buck!

I was surfin' through my phone
(I uploaded the Snapfish app and can 
now get 100 free prints a month for a year!)
and stumbled upon some photos from this past year
of my students presentin' their Science Newspapers.

They worked together to design their own Science newspapers
to showcase their learnin' at the end of all of their Science units.
It's Science.

My students worked for a little over a week on these durin' 
our Literacy Center time.

I decided to take my idea official and created
Design a Science Newspaper to put into my TpT store.
This packet includes questions the students may
have, student response pages and a rubric for gradin'.

Be sure to scoop this up in the TpT sale if this fancies you.
Don't forget to use the code: BTS15 to receive up to 28% off!

As always...super excited to see what everyone else has created.
Happy Monday, friends!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Some things are harder to make than they look....Monday Made It

Y'all...some things are way harder to make
than they look...true story.
I'm linkin' up with my sweet friend Tara from 
4th Grade Frolics for my favorite linky...
Monday Made It.
This is long...stick it out to the END.
It'll be worth it...I promise!
Hello...Amazon gift card!

Everyone stand up and curtsy...or bow
for Aris from Sailing into Second.
Last week she made the most ADORABLE
banner gif thingy for her TpT Store.
Look at it here before you read any further.

I'll wait for you to finish readin'...

Hers is just so precious and I decided the first time 
I saw it (love at first sight)...that I WANTED one too.
There is NO WAY (yes, I'm shoutin' this)
that mine could even compare to hers...ever...BUT
I was DETERMINED to have one...even
if it did take me a REALLY long time  
to make my own and it's nowhere as cute as Aris'.


Cue rockin' roll music and air drum your fingers.

The BEST advice I can give you...
READ Aris' post.
Here it is again if you missed it up there.
I followed her directions that lead me to 
*Read Christi's directions and then WATCH the video.
Don't be like ME and start workin' before you have
viewed that me.

When I was finished makin' the first image, I made 
a second and a third one.
I then dropped all three jpegs into 
*Sign in with Facebook for free if you don't
want to use their watermark.  

After I had my gif saved, I then dropped 
the gif into 

After I had my direct link from Photobucket, I 
then copied that and dropped it into 

Final step, I used Christ Fultz's directions
again to input the TinyUrl code into TpT. 

*Aris...if by some magical chance you are readin' 
this, you seriously need to put up custom orders
for this flyin' banner thingy in your TpT store.
You will make billions.
I would like to be your first customer...please!
I'm not jokin'...have your people get with my people.
And by my people...I mean ME!  
I'm beggin' you!

I also made a banner thingy.
I'm a banner newbie,
so I will probably get tired of it in about three days
and want a new one.
I found a fun little tutorial on TpT...
and it was a freebie from Camping Store.

Some of you may be thinkin'...
"Whatevs Alison...
makin' banners
is SO last summer"
and guess what...
you would totally be right. 
I'm obviously late to the party.
In my defense...I DID take the past year
off from bloggin'...
just wanted to throw that back out there.

I need to give Stories by Storie a shout-out also.
She also wrote about changin' out your 
TpT store front last week and inspired
me to "just do it"!
Thank you!
I also made some "Pals" from Polka Dots and Pal's
This was so F-U-N.  
It was like relivin' my childhood and playin' paper dolls.
I just couldn't decide which one suited me the best.
I wear my hair all of these different ways.
I'm horrible at makin' decisions.
I think everyone should make their own Pal!

Does anyone think these look like my favorite crazy pants?
I have a palazzo pant addiction...if you didn't already know.

Before we leave these two techy made-its...
Have y'all checked out the 
You should think about followin'.
Lots of great technology pins have been added
from blogs and other sources 
in the past two weeks!
Thank you to Rachel Burden from 
180 Days to Happy for settin' it up.
I love butterflies.  
I'm pretty sure my classroom decor 
has an identity crisis every year.
The theme is supposed to be Rockstars,
but through the years I have added in pieces
of things I love...
butterflies & giraffes bein' the main additions.

I saw this outside of Kirkland's and I could NOT walk away.
It's wings were whisperin' my name.
Even was on SALE with an additional 25% off.

I quickly ran inside and asked them if they would put it on hold for me.
After a little beggin' from me and the promise of a new fishin' reel,
Jerm took his truck back to pick it up and even put it
together for me.
So, I guess my "made it" is...I made Jerm
help me on his day off.
I'm lucky he loves me and my bossiness.

When I woke up on Saturday mornin' he was busy puttin' it
together for me and told me...
"You almost missed Monday Made It because you
were Sleepin' In On Saturday".
I love him!

I have no idea WHERE it's goin' to fit in my classroom.
I will have to make space....
 even if I have to put my desk...
on the ceilin'.

This was also on sale for $ had to come home with me too!
It will match my room...and might also have to go on
the ceilin'....yikes!
See if you can find a spot for it to fit...

See....I bet you didn't find a spot either...
no more room left to put anything except children.
*These are last year's beginnin' of the years pics.
I can't get in my room to work some magic until
Summer School is over and carpets are cleaned.
Everyone made such a big deal about 
from last week
that I had to get back 
into the kitchen with him...again.
You guys OWE me BIG time.
You know how much
I LOVE the kitchen.
*One day I'm goin' to get struck by lightnin'
as a punishment for my sarcasm.

Just look at all the love me bein' in the kitchen
got last week from my BBB's.

pretty much told me she loved me
(more than she already did)
 because she made Jerm's Corn Salsa...
minus the black beans
and jalapeno.
Her yummy creation made her happy...which
made me happy.

Erin from Miss Lifesaver
made Jerm's Corn Salsa too...
and some other yummies!
She even tagged me in a picture on FB.
I tagged Jerm and told him he is famous.
Miss Lifesaver KNOWS who the kitchen boss
is around here.
*Hint: It's not me.

Carol from Teachers are Terrific made the 
Key Lime Tart and sent me pictures.
She added toasted meringue to hers
and I'm goin' to be honest...her pictures
made me want to eat her tart...with a shovel.
She put mine to shame. 

Okay...focus Alison...
kitchen...cookin'...cute apron...torture.
Sandcastle Cake
Not sure where I got the pan...maybe T.J. Maxx
or Marshall's several years ago.

This past weekend was my mother-in-love's birthday
so we made this for her because she loves the beach.
The castle didn't want to come out of the pan, so 
we lost some of the towers, but that's okay...
we just added some candy for distractions.
(Swedish fish, seahorsies, and Sour Patch Kids)
The sand on the sandcastle is Vanilla Wafers.
I got chased out of the kitchen for tryin' to steal frostin'.

I didn't make y'all a cute recipe card this week
because we were in a hurry and used a cake mix.
You can just call us "Mr. and Mrs. Betty Crocker". 

I discovered somethin' while in the kitchen...
I still don't like bein' in there.

My friend Jamie from Life As I Know It... is havin' 
an awesome Back to School giveaway and 
asked me to join in the fun!
Make sure you head over to her blog for a chance
to win a $35 Amazon Gift Card and $15 to my TpT store.
I just put up a bundle of my best-seller Rockin' Behavior Beads.

Happy Monday, friends!