Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Made It....a lot of grapes had to be tested for this...

I am linkin' up with the wonderful Tara from 4th Grade Frolics 
for her marvelous Monday Made It linky.
I'm also linkin' up with Christy from Teaching Tales Along the 
Yellow Brick Road for her yummy Eating, Drinking and Linking...Oh My!
I also had lots of yummy food this past week that I wrote about here.
I'm pretty sure this will be the last time you 
see me writin' about makin' food this summer.
I am headin' home on Wednesday night from my vacation.
He's probably not gonna like it, but it
will be time for Jerm to take back over the task of 
makin' sure I get fed.
If not...I could always live off this stuff...

This is so easy an Ali can make it.

Taco Dip: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Spread one package of cream cheese on the bottom of a glass pie dish.
Pour one cup of salsa on top of the cream cheese.
Sprinkle any type of shredded cheese you like on top of the the salsa 
and cover thoroughly.
I like to use the blended shredded cheeses.
Heat for 15-20 minutes and it's ready to serve.

Spinach Dip: Dump in all the ingredients listed on the back of a
Knorr's vegetable dip packet for Spinach Dip.
1 cup mayo, 1 carton of 8 oz. sour cream, 1 package of frozen
spinach that is thawed and drained, and the Knorr packet.
Mix it up and put it in the fridge overnight.
I made this for Nitty's here.
It was one of her favorites.
It's really hard to work on crafts when you are 3,000 miles away
from your crafty stuff, but you know just make small stuff 
with whatever you've got biggie!
I happened to have scrapbook paper left over from last week's MMI here.
These are goin' to look really cute on my whiteboard at school.

I bought the little cardboard butterflies and stars for $1 each at Beverly's Fabric.
I also bought some stick on magnets for the back.
I used the shapes as a guide to cut out the colorful butterflies and stars
on the left over scrapbook paper.
I used craft glue to glue the paper on top and 
peeled off the magnet and stuck it on the back.
This will match my Rockstar sign.

A lot of grapes had to be tested for the next three crafts.
BUT, I did not test all of them on my own.
These corks were saved over a long period of time
 for me to use for craftiness.
It's all about the recyclin'...okay?
Just like that time when I made Christmas trees out of corks.

Of course I had to pick out my favorite corks because those bottles at 
one point in time had my dad's grapes in them. 
Now our bellies have those grapes in them.
I took the little screw eyes that I got in the jewelry section of the craft store
and put them in the bottom of the corks.
Then I twisted them on my dad's key ring.
This seriously took less than one minute.
My favorite kind of craft.
See it attached to his keys at the top?
They are restin' on that cool plate I made here.
Wine corks continued...

I used the left over screw eyes for this craft also.
I put a screw eye into the top and bottom of two corks on the end.
The ones in the middle got one screw eye on the bottom only.
I used the hot glue gun and glued the corks to one another.
I threaded a ribbon I had into the top and tied it into a knot because
I don't know how to tie bows.
This was super easy too other than the corks took a little bit
to stick to one another with the hot glue.
The hot glue of course had no problem stickin' to my fingers.
Go figure!
If I were goin' to make this again, I would glue the corks onto
a ruler also to help it stay sturdy.
You'll see what I'm talkin' about on the next cork craft.
I would like to make one to hold necklaces, but I would
use hooks at the bottom instead of the screw eyes.

That's right...the corks are continued again..

I threaded some ribbon into hole on the top of a yard stick.  
I hot glued corks onto the yard stick and this time...not on my fingers.
After it dried...I hung the corky yard stick on the wall 
and pinned some pictures up.
Another quick and easy craft.

Oh...I can't wait to see what everyone else has come up with.

Happy Monday, friends.


  1. Yum those dips look like I could even give them a try. I'm loving all your crafts this week. I want a keyring. That photoholder is too cute.

  2. How did you think of all those crafts for the corks? You are so crafty my friend! Thanks so much for sharing,

    1. I saw some ideas on Pinterest, but I didn't follow their steps. I'm a rebel.

  3. Those cork keyrings are super cute! They float, right? Maybe no more lost keys in the water!! I love the iron cork holder too. Have a safe trip home!

    1. I would think so. I'm not going to try to find out though! LoL!

  4. I love your cork crafts!!! I have a small collection myself and was just waiting for some inspiration:) Thank you!
    Take care, Amy

    1. I was surprised how fast they better have a bigger collection! Lol

  5. Your cork products look awesome! Absolutely love that you have incorporated your family in to the projects! You are AMAZING!

  6. I love the cork earring holder! I had to laugh about the hot glue, though! :)

    1. I laughed too....after my finger stopped hurting.

  7. You just have to love hot glue! I have one of those heavy duty giant glue guns- no low temp models for this crafter. I prefer being blistered to the bone when I glue things! Ha! Took a screen shot of the recipes- always need something to send to football parties with the hubs. (I don't go to the football parties-just send food with him!)
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  8. We must be on the same page with those darn corks...!!! I am loving what you made. Mine are still sitting in a bag, so I really need to get with it and decide what I'm going to make with them. Thanks for the inspiration. :) Also, those recipes look great. My husband Jeremy is the cook in the house... I mean, I try and make an effort to make things, but it usually ends up being him for the most part. I could totally make those dips!! Hope you have a great end to your vacation! Talk to you soon.
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  9. CUTE cork ideas!! We have been saving corks and bottle tops for years now and need to start crafting something soon! :)

  10. I love the key chains - what a great use for corks - I never keep the corks even though I know there are so many cute things you can do with them. Love your magnets - I have done something similar with but put thumbtacks on the back and used them on my bulletin board (smaller wood pieces). I love dips - especially ones someone else makes so that I just have to scoop and eat.

  11. Whoa- You really know how to make great crafts from corks! I especially love the picture hanging creation! Plus those magnets are so very pretty!
    Aylin :)
    Learning to the Core

  12. Holy Cow girl you have been busy! First the food looks great! Secondly, the magnets are so cute plus all your cork crafts are adorable. I think I like the yardstick picture holder the best. Happy Monday and enjoy the last few days of your vacay!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  13. I love all of the ideas with the corks. Hmmm...reasons to go buy some wine.

    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack

  14. I love all of your cork crafts! Especially the key rings! Those dips are super yummy and your Taco Dip reminds me of 'Chips n Cheese' Nights in college...we put Hormel Chili in it instead of salsa. It is mm-mm-good!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  15. I love all of your wine cork crafts! We have a collection of our own. I may need to get crafty with them.
    The Traveling Teacher

  16. Oh, I love that photo holder. You could use it to hold Christmas cards too! Great idea! Look at you being all creative!

  17. WOW! You've inspired me to add a Monday Made It for my home instead of always doing my classroom!

    Loving Teaching Inspiring

    Loving Teaching Inspiring on Facebook

    1. You definitely should. It's can do whatever you want! :)

  18. Oh man! How many corks do you HAVE!? Seriously - I want to know! Super cute crafts--- I think the photo holder is something I could definitely do.


  19. I love all your wine cork crafts!!! I have to try some!! :) Thanks for sharing!


  20. I love all the wine cork projects! I think the picture holder is my favorite. I may need to convert from a beer drinker to a wine drinker so I can start some projects. Your paper magnets turned out great. I love the way they coordinate with your Rock Star sign.

    Fit to be Fourth

  21. Your cork projects have definitely inspired me!!! I really need to use all the ones I've saved over the past few years! Super cute!

    Keep Calm and Hoot On

  22. Wow. I love all of your cork projects. They are so stinkin' cute! :) I don't drink a lot of wine so it would take quite a while to get enough to make these! I have heard that at certain wine places you can buy them in bulk... I will be checking into that for sure!!!

    Funky in Fourth

  23. Seriously loving it all!! Awesome job this week
    Learning to be awesome

  24. testing testing testing - switched on google plus again...

  25. So many fun things! I think I may need to start to save corks!

  26. your recipes look so yummy! Makes me want food like RIGHT now! haha Cute wine cork projects:) Thanks for sharing!
    Kayla in the Classroom

    1. Thanks, Kayla...reading your reply made me hungry now too! :)

  27. Wow!!! You are so creative! I would never think to make those crafts from wine corks! You make me smile. :) Glad you'll be home soon so Jerm can feed you again! XXOO
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  28. First off the dips look so yummy! I am definitely going to be making both in the near future! Second, you've been on such a crafting kick lately! Love it! How are you going to take everything back home? The wine cork crafts are so neat!
    Fifth Grade Wit and

  29. It's official. I am hungry. =)

    Very cute wine cork projects!

  30. Love these cork projects. So cool your daddy's grapes used to be in those bottles too! I am definitely making the photo holder, too cute! Those dips look delish and I should be able to handle them since you said even Ali could do

    Luv My Kinders


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