Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Suspended pearls?....Tried It Tuesday

Well....HELLO there!
It's been one month since my last confession....
I mean...blog post!
Y'all...I didn't fall off the planet, 
but I did fall into some major 
lesson plannin' and weddin' plannin'.
I haven't taken any naps...SHOCKER!
I have been fallin' asleep readin' my Kindle app...early... 
just about every night 
since school started.
I'm not gonna lie...I needed a break.
I can't promise that I will be back on my
bloggin' routine, but I will pop in every now
and then in the next comin' months.
I'd ask for understandin', but I know I don't 
need to explain myself.
Y'all KNOW.

I did want to share a pretty neat-o "tried it", so...
I'm linkin' up with one of my BBB's Holly 
from Fourth Grade Flipper

I saw this super awesome pin and I wanted to test
it out before the weddin'.

Pearls suspended in water?  
Sign me up!
Except...they aren't really suspended in water.
They are suspended in clear gels...in water.
I wanted.

What did I do?  
I got on my trusty friend, Amazon,
 and found these to order...

I did read the reviews and found out that the red
ones look more pink, so I didn't buy red.
My colors are black, red, and white, so I stuck with
just black and white.

I waited patiently for them to arrive to my mailbox.
You know I'm NOT very patient...at all.
They FINALLY came though and
I was so ecstatic when I opened the package.
I read the directions and they were pretty intense.
I made my bestie read them too...to tell me I wasn't crazy.
I ran up to Dollar Tree and got two clear vases.
I stopped at Winn Dixie and got a gallon of Distilled Water.

My supplies...
The little clear things on the left are the gels.
The assorted black and white pearls are on the right.
Distilled water and vases in the back.
I used 8 cups of water and filled up the two vases
with the gels and water.
It takes about 12 hours for them to expand.

Look...you can't even SEE the clear gels. 
It just looks like water.
Why didn't I invent this?
You move the pearls wherever you want.
I was impatient and put them in before the gels
were finished expandin'.

This mornin' when I woke up,
I had more gels than fit the
two vases.  
I really could have used three.
Check the clear gels out. 
It's crazy to me that you can't see 
them when they are covered with water.
I still have pearls left to put in a third jar.

 Now all I need are some floatin' candles.

I'm doin' lots of different table decorations,
but I will definitely be purchasin' some 
more supplies on Amazon this week to 
make more of these vases.

These could be used in your house with flowers,
or candles, or whatever...not just for a weddin'.

I'm gettin' giddy because so many things are startin' 
to come together with plannin'.

I've missed you!
Happy Tuesday, friends!