Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What I'm Wearing Wednesday....

Hello, Wednesday...
I'm linkin' up with one of my BBB's 
Jessica from Ideas by Jivey for 
What I'm Wearing Wednesday.

Can anyone guess what my favorite thing is to wear right now?

Anyone? Anyone?


Some of you knew this already...but, my addiction to 
Palazzo Pants 
has gotten a little worse.
I actually have more than what is pictured, but you get the idea.
You can often catch these on from White Plum Boutique or you
can turn into an eBay stalker and find some fun prints there!
I've blogged about them here before.

Basically...these are yoga disguise.
I wear them, play, dinner dates, etc.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. Those look super comfy! A little out there for my normal style but intriguing enough that I may have to venture there. :) I like the variety of prints!

    Simple Insights

    1. They honestly don't look as wild on. I normally wear a plain tank or tunic to calm them down. They are SO comfy. You should definitely check them out!

  2. These look SOOOO comfy and would definitely be fun to wear!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  3. I love them! The prints are super fun!

    Fit to be Fourth

  4. I keep seeing these on and every time I think they would be super comfy pants to wear while pregnant. I'm just hesitant to order online because I don't know if they'll fit or be too big/long.

    Literacy Spark

  5. OMG those are adorbs!!! Thanks for linking up, friend!

  6. They look so cute and cozy, but you're tall so they look great on you! On my short stumpy legs not so much! LOL!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  7. I am going to have to try these, they look so comfy and fun.

    Thanks for sharing

    Hodges Herald

  8. I agree with Joanne. They just don't work on us shorter people, but I LOVE the comfort and versatility!

  9. These look like the Vera Bradley collection of pants! I love it and I'm sure they're adorable on you.

  10. have I not heard of these before! When I first started reading...I thought they were maxi skirts. My first thought was...not during summer...thigh sweat! Then I saw they were pants! I.die! I need some of these in my life!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  11. I loooove these! Bright, colorful, fun! Have you ever found these bad boys in longs or tried on one store's selection that was way too long? I'm only kinda in love with these :P (yes, just from the pictures!) but I'm 6 feet tall.

    SOOTHE Her Soul

  12. I just brought a pair this past weekend. They were very comfortable. They were a bit long, forcing me to wear heels. I'm not usually a heels kind of girl:-)

    1. The kind I can cut to make them shorter. Check yours out and see if that works. :)

  13. I have so been thinking about getting a pair of these. I am scared they will look funny on me.


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