Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Goals 2014 and what I'm lovin' and over...

It's March.
Time to write some new goals.
I've added my February goals below for review...
I am joinin' one of my bloggin' besties again,
A, from The Babbling Box for her March Goals linky.

February Goals:

1.  Continue to eat clean and healthy.
Last month I lost 11 pounds.  
11 is my lucky number, but I'm goin' to be realistic here
and go with 7 because it's a short month.
I ate bread yesterday. 
I didn't feel so healthy after stickin' it in my mouth.
I completely fell off the wagon durin' a Super Bowl party.
As my friend Ashley likes to say, "I'm jump startin' my metabolism."
Sounds good to me!
(This one's for you, A!  Did I do it right?)
*I am still at the same weight, but I'm still eatin' healthier.

2. Organize my pictures.
I used to keep up with this...a lot.
I haven't printed any pictures in a while and the ones that I have
printed are in a huge ziploc bag...unorganized.
There is no excuse.
I also need to do this digitally.
My phone always says I've reached my storage limit.
I need to transfer my pics to albums on my laptop.
I would be heartbroken if I lost any pics.
*Fail...I forgot about this one.

3.  Finish watchin' Sons of Anarchy.
Jerm and I started watchin' this last week.
We are half way through the first season.
Season starts back here at the end of February, 
which means Spring Break madness, which means Jerm 
will be back to a crazy work schedule.
*We are on Season 5 episode 5. 
Pineapple Willy's opened back up full-time, so
I have to wait for Jerm's days off to watch.
I like Jax Teller...a lot!

4. Take 3 A.R. tests.
Yes...I take A.R. tests.
I compete with my kids.
This year they are beatin' me...a lot.
I cannot let this happen.
I've got to sneak attack them
when they are least expectin' it!
*Done-zo!  I did all 3.

5. Spend my gift cards.
I currently have several gift cards that need to go 
back to where they came from
and new merchandise needs to come home with me.
Shoppin': Dillard's, Kohl's, Amazon, T.J. Maxx, Hobby Lobby
Eatin': Outback/Bonefish Grill & Captain Anderson's
Pamperin': Rose Nails
I heart gift cards!
*I used two of my gift cards...still have some shoppin to do!
February was too short.

6. Still work on my bossiness.
It's pretty self explanatory.
I'm bossy and I know it.
*Hahahaha...I'm goin' to abandon this goal.

7. Go to bed earlier.
I blame all you fabulous bloggers for this one.
I keep tellin' myself, "One more blog and then I will go to sleep."
You all just have so many amazin' ideas...I can't stop readin'.
The next thing I know it's midnight and I'm still wide awake.
Maybe if I go to bed earlier, I won't need to take so many naps.
Who am I kiddin'? 
I could sleep twelve hours and I'd still want a nap.
*It hasn't happened.  I'm still a night owl.

Seven is the lucky number for this month...I decided.
Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.


March Goals: 

1. Go to the dermatologist.
I have an appointment on March 18th, but it's at 8:00 a.m.
I have had the appointment since last month, but I'm feelin'
guilty about missin' some time from school because
I've been tellin' the kids we don't have a minute to spare.
I'm thinkin' the dermatologist is goin' to win.
You just can't be too careful...especially this
Florida girl.

2. Find two dresses for a weddin'.
I'm goin' to a weddin' in Georgia at the end of the month.
I need a dress for the rehearsal dinner and the ceremony.
Maybe I need to head to Dillard's and spend my gift card.
I wonder when they are havin' their big sale?

3. Enjoy a boat day.
Saturday would be ideal, but the high is 68.
That's still a little chilly for me to be on a boat.
The fishies are callin' my name though.
My pink light-up fishin' pole misses me.
It might have to wait for Spring Break.

4. Make Behavior Beads for St. Patrick's Day & Easter.
This IS goin' to happen.
Be on the lookout.

5. Cut down my afternoon naps.
I nap almost every day durin' the week.
I can't help it.
I'm tired...probably because I'm a night owl.
I was one of those kids that never fought a nap.
I never grew out of it apparently.
I'm not sure how this one is goin' to go over.

Five is all I'm shootin' for this month because
I might actually sleep through the last week of March
durin' Spring Break.

I'm also linkin' up with my
other favorite Ali from Teaching (Powered by Caffeine) for her 
"lovin' it & over it" linky!
Two words: Palazzo Pants
I can't get enough of these pants.
Hello...they are basically yoga pants in disguise.
You can dress them up...or dress them down.
They are long...which is awesome for this tall girl.
Can you say...obsessed?
I already have three pairs and two more on the way.
There are just too many fun prints out there.
I want them all.
Here is a pic of my fave pair so far.
Black & Taupe Chevron
*No, that's not me.
I have a pair of butterfly palazzo pants on the way.
White Plum Boutique often puts palazzo pants up on for $21.99. 
(I know you're sick of hearin' about this site from me)
Sometimes if I can't find the size I want on there then
I will head over to ebay to find a deal. 

I said earlier in the week that I'm over standardized testin'.
To make matters worse...
this week all of Florida teachers had their
names and teacher scores from the past two years
 published in a newspaper
All of us.


  1. You inspired me with taking AR tests! I have got to start doing this! Brilliant!!! :D I bet the kids love it. Plus, you are doing what you ask of them and enjoying it!
    Come Visit the Readbox!

  2. They really do love it Kristin because they are always trying to beat me. It is a huge motivator!

  3. OH my word!! I can't believe your names and scores were published. I am so sorry to hear that, Alison. I am with you on this one - standardized testing is for the birds!!! We don't take our tests until the middle of May and I'm already stressed out and feeling the pressure. I want to make taking an afternoon nap one of my goals...embrace the nap!

  4. Way to go with your goals!!! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger award. I love reading your blog and ideas. You always leave comments and take notice of my blog and I really appreciate that. It always brings a smile to my face. And for that I thought who better to receive the Sunshine award than you!!! Visit my blog for all the details if you want to participate. Thanks.


  5. Way to go on keeping up with goals!!! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger award. I love reading your blog and ideas. You always leave comments and take notice of my blog and I really appreciate that. It always brings a smile to my face. And for that I thought who better to receive the Sunshine award than you!!! Visit my blog for all the details if you want to participate. Thanks.


  6. OMG, Alison! I'm in shock that your names and test scores were actually published in the newspaper! Isn't that a violation of FERPA laws? Yuck. I'm also incredibly jealous that you are experiencing 68 degree only supposed to be 5 degrees here in Maryland tonight.

    I love your goals...I need to make visiting the dermatologist a priority of mine, too!

    Shafer's Shenanigans 

    1. The Dept of Ed lost a court case and they published the teacher scores...not the students...luckily. 5 degrees....ahhhh...that's too cold for me!!!!

  7. So glad you linked up again! I should have added find a dress for a wedding to my list, but I didn't even think about the rehearsal dinner...great. I am envious of your boating goal, wish that could be on my list but that would require a boat. Adult problems.

  8. Naps..... I wish! I could go for one every afternoon as well.
    Great goals! Good luck!

  9. That's so awful that they posted scores! Our head teachers choose our classes and some just don't pick fairly, so there are already classes that parents don't want their kids in. That really makes me mad for you!!!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
    Follow me on Bloglovin!

  10. In my house we call them "happy nappies" and my husband and I both take one almost every day after school. Why give them up if they work for you? :)


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