Thursday, June 26, 2014

Technology Thursday...Throwback Thursday...Positive Thinking Thursday

It's Thursday, so there is a lot goin' on in the bloggy world.

I'm linkin' up with Teaching Trio for Technology Thursday,

The Teacher's Desk 6 for Throwback Thursday,

I'm throwin' this back to last August...right before school started.
Today I am linkin' up again for "Tune into Technology Linky: QR Codes" 
with Kristin at iTeach 1:1 as well as 
Alyin and Amanda at Learning to the Core.  
I'm super duper sad this is the last one of the summer. 
 I have LOVED readin' how everyone else uses technology 
in their real lives and in the classroom.
Let me start off by sayin' I came to school today
 because the cleaner dude is at my house
 (don't judge...I'm highly allergic to, it's so worth the money!) 
 When I walked in, I saw the dreaded "spot".  
The place that appears about twice a year on the carpet 
between mine and my bestie's room.  
 I would be super smart and leave up my bookshelves with books on them. 
 You know, less work for the Fall return...I'm dumb.  

Enough about that.  Let's get to the good stuff: QR codes.  
I've dabbled a little in makin' my own,
 but sometimes I prefer buyin' other people's QR task card packets on TpT. 
 I figure it saves me time and I'm supportin' someone else. 
The kids really do enjoy them or maybe it's just that they like 
to get ahold of my cell phone to use the app.  
I also love findin' QR codes when I'm out and about. 
 It's like a little scavenger hunt.

Two years ago, my district outfitted all of the classrooms with
 new technology with the help of the community, 
votin' for a half cent sales tax increase. 
 YAHOO!  I love me some technology!  
The district decided that they would like to video tape 
some of the teachers & students usin' the new technology.  
The first two videos have NOTHING to do with QR codes, 
BUT the district made QR codes for these videos and put them on posters 
all around the community for people to see.  
Pretty neat to just walk up to a poster, scan it, and BOOM
 you're watchin' a video of a classroom sayin' "Thank You".  
The last video DOES have to do with QR codes and 
shows how the students are usin' them in a third grade classroom.

Video one: Me and my sweet little rockstars that I taught for THREE years. 
I sure do miss them. 
They were sponges when it came to introducin' somethin' new with tech. 
***I posted this when I didn't have a lot of followers.  
Now I actually have people read my blog.
If you ever wondered what I look and sound is your chance.
I give you permission to laugh because I think I sound so WEIRD!***

Video two: My bestie with her group of kids that she will be startin' her third year
with these babies. It's been fun watchin' them grow and learn as digital citizens. 

Video three: My other podmate and bestie usin' technology and QR Codes. 
It was Pajama Day that day...please excuse some of the outfits.
                                          This is the product from the above video.                                            
Last year, my Video three bestie also started out the year 
with the students writin' their "All About Me", drawin' a self-portrait, 
and addin' a QR code.  
I think I will also start out my first week with this activity.

Overall, I WILL be makin' more of an effort for my students 
to be makin' QR codes this year. I have a techie GENIUS in my class 
that writes code for a hobby. 
I can pretty much guarantee that he will help me teach everyone else 
how to make QR codes or I can ask my pod besties. 
If I was really smart, I would've made the videos into QR codes! Haha

Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for Positive Thinking Thursday.

This was sent to me courtesy of my bestie, ACH.

My positive thinkin' is...
everyone should have a buddy that they
send Pinterest pins to.
When I say send Pinterest pins...I mean you should flood
their inbox with "So and so has sent you a pin on Pinterest".
You should send so many that all they will see in their email
are these notifications.
My besties and I often do this late at night to one another.
When I wake up in the mornin', I'm instantly smilin'
because they've packed enough humorous pins in my inbox
to at least make me a happy mornin' person for five minutes.
If they are really funny it might be ten.
Just depends on which side of the bed I've woken up on.
Everyone needs a lil' laughter...don't ya think?
If you don't have a bestie to send funny pins to,
you can send them to me!

I'll leave you with another positive thought...
My mama is cookin' THREE pounds of bacon right now for 
us to take on our trip this weekend!!!
I'm flippin' belly is growlin' for this
and I'm pretty sure my eyeballs just popped out of my head!
Don't know how much I love BACON?
Read here!

Happy Thursday, friends! 


  1. I need to jump on the QR codes bandwagon. I bet my kids would love it.


  2. I am so intimidated by the QR codes, yet find them so fascinating. Thanks for this blog post. Going to look into it more.

    1. I think once you get started on them, you will find they really aren't that intimidating. It's the initial concept that is overwhelming, but once you see them in action. They are great to use in the class. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. OMG! It drives me nuts when someone says Pacific!! I love all the videos...and your voice isn't weird!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  4. I'm so out of the technology loop...I don't even know what QR codes are!!! I think I am the one person left in this world that doesn't have a smart phone yet. Sounds like something I need to look into! I know the kids love anything to do with using technology.

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  5. QR codes are the best, aren't they??? I had to laugh when you shared your pinterest ecard/quote. I always pinterest right before bed and send pins back and forth with a few of my besties. It makes me smile when I wake up and see that I have pins waiting for me!!! :)
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  6. Loved your SMARTboard video! Boy, you had some very well spoken kiddos in your class :) You are doing such great things in your classroom :)

    The Techie Teacher

    1. Awww...that's sweet, Julie! You are one of my techy inspirations! You are always making me want to do more!

  7. If only more of my kids had internet!! They seem to have it on phones - not always their phones though! And you were very proper in your video. :)

  8. Three years with your kiddos! I would've loved to loop with my group this year! I still don't know much about QR codes. I hear a lot of talk about them though. My school is lacking in the technology department!

    Fifth Grade Wit and

  9. I have been wanting to try QR codes for about a year now. One of my goals is to figure them out and either make or purchase something my students can use. (Most likely purchase:)

    Fit to be Fourth

  10. We love QR codes- my kids want to scan everything...even things that aren't scannable! I want to be your Pinterest buddy!


  11. First of all, I thought you said you were the only one in your family who didn't have an accent....I detect an accent, Ali. {I can detect the slightest of accents, so don't feel weird}
    I've had a smart board for 2 years now, and I've never used it for anything other than a glorified projector. I must learn to use my tech better. Like you, I was fortunate enough to receive this technology, so I should use it to its fullest extent.
    {one thing I hate about my smartboard is how my writing looks on it. I have great printing, but you'd never know it on the smartboard}

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  12. My kiddos just love QR codes. We use them for ELA and Math all the time. Some technology is difficult to use with 5 year-olds, but the QR codes are great and they can do it all by themselves. I loved your video about the Smart board. I thought you sounded and looked great. How fun to have your kiddos for 3 years. So are you going back down to start a loop round again, or staying in 5th this year?? Well feel free to flood my inbox with someecards, those things just crack me up. Seriously...bacon...I can't tell you the last time I had any. I was practically salivating just looking at the picture. Enjoy some for me. Have a great time at the beach!

    Luv My Kinders

  13. I can almost smell that bacon cooking! Yum!!!


  14. Are your books ruined? I would be devastated!!!!


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