Tuesday, March 4, 2014

QR Code Adventure: Mammals...Tried it Tuesday

It's Tuesday, but I actually wrote this on Sunday.
I surprised myself and got a jump start.
It's time to link up with my sweet friend Holly from
Fourth Grade Flipper for Tried it Tuesday.

Tried it Awesomeness: QR Code Adventure: Mammals
Do you know my other friend Matt from
He's awesomeness and probably 
one of the most creative and innovative people
that I've never actually met in person.
His wife and girls are lucky to have 
him around all the time because 
he is full of all kinds of knowledge.
I learn so many things from readin' his blog
and he never disappoints in the humor department.
Matt knows how to make learnin' fun and 
just about always incorporates technology
into his lessons and products.

Do your students love learnin' about mammals?
Mine definitely do.
My rockstars tried Matt's QR Code Adventures-Mammals.

I started out this activity whole group, so the students would 
know what to expect when we use these again in
small groups or individually.
 I gave each child their own card with a QR code and 
their correspondin' class number.
Every one that had a phone or device that day with a QR code scanner
on them placed the device on my table to share.

We then split up into five groups.
The groups worked together to scan the QR code and 
watch the video or read the text.

 Then the boys and girls worked together to complete some 
question cards from the video or text that they encountered
with their QR codes.

Here's the description for QR Code Adventure: Mammals
QR Code Adventure: Mammals combines
technology, science, reading, writing
with analyzing and comprehending to create
an interactive lesson kids won't forget!

There are 30 QR codes that send students all over the
internet bringing back facts, articles, videos,
and live video streams of MAMMALS
from around the world.

Students will learn about and see lemurs, leopards, 
little bear cubs, and elephants crashing a pool party,
just to name a few.

The idea is for students to analyze what they are seeing,
reading, and hearing.  Then deconstruct, ask questions,
look for answers, and expand their ability to ask questions,
analyze, evaluate, and create.

There are over 25 questions for students to answer that are
based off of Common Core expectations.
Each question is on a half-sheet of regular sized paper for
easier printing (the same question is on a paper twice).
Questions are labeled TEXT or VIDEO.

These QR codes are also great for class discussion
and/or simple opportunities for students to take brain breaks.

You should definitely check this out!

my friend Courtney from Polka Dot Lesson Plans
is celebratin' her Blogiversary.

She is givin' away an Erin Condren $50 Gift Card.
Be sure to check it out here.

I just realized this is my 102nd published post!
Neat stuff!

Happy Tuesday friends!


  1. This lesson looks like so much fun! Thanks for the shout out and congrats on 102 posts!! Woo Hoo!!!

  2. Looks like so much fun!!! I really need to figure out a way to us the QR codes in my classroom with the laptops. Any suggestions?

    Keep Calm and Hoot On

    1. Oooooh...I haven't ever used the laptops and the QR codes...that's a great question. I bet Matt would know the answer.

  3. You make me smile... "the most creative and innovation person that I've never actually met." Love it! I've never tried this QR stuff going around. I'm totally lacking in the technology department, but have been thinking about writing up a donor's choose grant to help with that. Happy Tuesday, friend!

    The 4th Grade Journey

    1. Yes...do it!!! I wrote a Donors Choose for an iPad mini and a Macbook Air and both got funded with some help from Donors Choose, parents, and friends. It's so worth it!!!

  4. This lesson looks awesome! I am sure your kiddos had a blast following those QR Codes to all kinds of places! I completely agree that Matt is so creative and make so many super engaging activities that the kids just love! Happy Tuesday to you!! :)

    Learning to the Core

    1. I should've gotten down on the ground with them to scan some codes, but I was too busy playing paparazzi. There were lots of ooohs and aaahs though! :)

  5. QR codes are totally cool but not all my kids have smartphones. And mine is acting up and will not scan! I need to take it in - hope the insurance covers it!

  6. Do your kids bring their own devices? I would love to start trying these... next year! ;)
    Dirt Road Teacher

    1. Yes, a majority of the kids do bring their own devices, but I also provide some for them.

  7. What kind of devices do you have for your students use with QR codes? I'd like to write a grant for devices to use with QR codes and want to be able to get the most devices for my money. Great lesson idea!

    1. We are a B.Y.O.D (Bring Your Own Device) classroom, so the kids are allowed to bring in any device that they have. Many bring smartphones, ipod, ipads, tablets, etc. I provide an ipad mini, macbook, regular ipad and iphone for them. I wrote a Donors Choose project for the ipad mini and macbook this year. The kids use some type of technology piece every day. :)

  8. That looks like such a fun lesson! Matt is pretty darn awesome, as are you! Congrats on the 102 post! Yahoo! Such an accomplishment!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  9. I think my kiddos would totally eat this up! I agree- Matt is pretty awesome.

    iTeach 1:1

    1. I can guarantee they would. You always provide your kids with some great QR code stuff, Kristin!!!

  10. Congratulations on your 102nd post! Matt's products and ideas are pretty amazing! And, I always laugh when I read his posts too! (Just like yours!) My students would love this!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  11. We did our first activity with QR codes today, and some of my kids were SO lost. It was hilarious! Congrats on passing the 100 post milestone!!! xoxo

  12. I completely agree with everything you said about Matt. He is full of awesomeness (just like you, my friend!). I haven't tried this QR adventure but have another one of his. Congratulations on your 102nd post!!!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  13. Love this idea! I wish my little ones would be able to do this. I think it's too difficult for my babies. But it looks like your kids truly enjoy it which is great! Yay for being your newest follower…. Drop by!!

    Just Wild About Teaching

  14. I love using QR codes in the classroom! It's an easy way to make simple things more fun and exciting! We used some this year for our Latin America Unit. The kids thought looking at the pictures and videos via the iPad's were pretty neat!

    Thanks for sharing how you used the resource! I always love adding new ideas and lessons to my collection :)
    My Shoe String Life.

  15. Congrats on reading the triple digits. Now how many ways could you compose/decompose that number. c'mon CCSS. It's kind of nice to hit those numbers, but it's even better when you're sharing such high-quality materials, ideas, and more! :) Keep it UP!

    And wow--I was shocked to see my QR Code Adventure up there. THANK YOU--seriously--seeing others use materials is very cool. Even better when the students like it.

    ...and thank you for the kind words. After the week I've had it was such a surprise to read that (along with the kind comments everyone else said). This entire blogging world creates such an inviting learning environment. I could say more, but I'm thankful for all the friends and communities I'm part of. As Sally Field once said, "You like me, you really like me." (Except I'll never have hair like Sally Field, when she said that)


  16. You always have the coolest activities for your kiddos!

    I've added Matt to my Feedly. Thanks for sharing all your fun ideas!


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