Monday, August 17, 2015

What?! I'm postin' again on a MONDAY!!!

 I have been spendin' countless hours up at school to get 
ready for Orientation and the First Day of School 
this week, but I'm takin' some time out
to share some made-its that have popped up in my room
because I'm crushin' on them big time!
What better way to show them off than to link up
with my sweet friend Tara from 4th Grade Frolics
for Monday Made It!

My podmate, Jeanne, came up with this fabulous idea
 to display student work in our hallways and I get
giddy every time I walk out into our hallways.
I can't wait to hang some stuff up their 
to show off my kiddos' creations.

My sweet friend Elizabeth from Hodges Herald
also did somethin' else similar 
last week for her Monday Made It.

They are laminated pieces of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper.
Clothespins are hidin' under the 4 inch circles
that are also made out of scrapbook paper.
The three different colors match each of our classrooms.

Mine: The bright colors with black circles. 
I will place rockstar pictures of my kids on the circles.

Jeanne's:  The blues, greens, oranges, and grays.

Anna Catherine's: The reds, grays and blacks.

*I wish I would've taken a close-up photo of their
circles, they are all differnet colors of scrapbook paper also.

 This year my 5th grade team has chosen to have
Learning Goals & Scales boards.
We put up ELA, Math and Science/Social Studies.
After we have discussed the standard and learning goals
that are in an "I Can" stament, the kiddos
will move their number to reflect their
level of understanding.
Students are able to move their numbers as
we become more familiar with each standard until
they have mastered them.

Standards and progression scales are printed on Astrobrights paper
and displayed 
in sheet protectors.  
Numbers are backed with adhesive Glue Dots
to stick on the fabric that covers the board.
This is my favorite part of my room this year.

ELA: Fireball Fuschia paper
Math: Lunar Blue paper
Science: Terra Green paper
Social Studies: Solar Yellow paper

*5th Grade Florida Standards
(ELA, Math, Science & Social Studies)
 by Teaching Ambrosia
 and Math Vocabulary
by Alyssha Tomphson-
Teaching and Tapas
are also hangin' on binder rings
for students to pull down and use.

 My biggest question I was askin' myself when we started 
printin' all our standards was how in the world 
was I goin' to store all of the papers? 
The lightbulb went off when I was in Walmart.
I found these expandable files and have separated
out the standards by sections so they each have their own pocket inside.
Example:  Math
1) Numbers and Operations in Base Ten
2) Operations & Algebraic Thinking
3) Number and Operations: Fractions
4) Measurement
5) Geometry

 My last made-it isn't somethin' I actually made, but
I had to share because they are cute!
I am notorius for checkin''s daily mornin' email...
sometimes before I'm actually fully awake.
This display is the result of one of those early mornin'
email browsin' sessions.
I bought 4 packs (pink, yellow, green, blue)
I have my very own Flutterby Butterflies flyin' on my wall!

This just makes me smile!

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. OMG I love that butterfly wall! What a way to brighten your day!! :)

    Denise Hill, #TeacherMom

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping they are all still sticking on the wall when I go back to school today!

  2. I LOVE that butterfly way. So adorable! I am on Jane every morning too. Just spent $48 hahah

  3. I also display my student's work on scrapbook paper, too. I use clothespins to hold their work. Now, I am going to have to make circles. I love the little extra that the circles bring. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jane gets me every time!! Love the butterflies!!!

  5. That's a good idea to find a cute expandable file. Gonna do that. And I have to check out, too. Pin, pin. See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  6. Oh it's all so beautiful!!! I just wish I had the space to do a student display wall like that... I don't have solid wall space really (lots of windows and cupboards and that fugly folding wall) I hope orientation went/goes well! You will rock it!! Xo- Kelli

  7. It seems like you have a great team-- that's so important! I love your butterflies!

    My Bright Blue House

  8. Your displays are fabulous! I love the colored sheets for your kids' work- it almost,almost makes me want a regular classroom again! Your boards also look great- hard work, I know! Have a great week!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

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