Monday, August 3, 2015

*Insert Witty Title*...Monday Made It

Here I am again on a Monday...
Sadly this might be my last Monday Made It of the summer
to link up with my sweet friend Tara from 4th Grade Frolics.
I am headin' back to my classroom
shortly and when that happens...I don't
even know what day of the week it is.
For today...I'm happy for Monday.
This post has Math, ELA, and Science all-in-one.

My first Monday Made It is a 
FREEBIE...but you HAVE
to read my big long post to get it.
I know...oh...the torture!

 If you've been around for KNOW
I love to SLEEP.
I nap
I feel no guilt about sleepin' in the afternoons.
None whatsoever.
I can lay my head down at night and sleep just fine...
even if I've had an afternoon nap.
That's what you do at tuck yourself into
bed and you go night-night.

Well guess what...the stuff in my classroom...
it likes to go catch some Zzzz's too.
"Everything" has a home and "Everything" likes to sleep there.
*I don't really know if it likes to sleep or not...that's just
the lines I feed my kiddos because it sounds good and less
creepy than "Everything" runnin' around in our class
in the middle of the night.

So..."Behavior Bucks"
now have a home that 
I made for them this week.
"Behavior Bucks'" first home was
a bank bag that was too dark and had no
windows to peek out of.

"Behavior Bucks'" second home was a Ziploc bag
that got dirty and grimey and often fell on the floor.

Meet "Behavior Bucks" new home....a jewelry holder
that is bein' recycled...I'm so genius!
There are windows...and all the little "Behavior Bucks"
get their very own bed to sleep in and they fit...just right.
*Jewelry Holder purchased at T.J. Maxx awhile ago.
It also has pockets on the back...not shown.
This is goin' to match perfectly in my classroom
with all my bright decor!

How are Behavior Bucks used in the classroom?
That's easy...for lots of stuff.
It's Math.

You got your agenda signed...get a buck.
You sat down on the carpet quietly for read aloud...get a buck.
You were thinkin' outside the box...get a buck.
You taught me somethin' new on the 'puter...get a buck.
You understood the idea of what I'm talkin' about here...

Can you lose bucks?

Don't have any bucks?  
You should probably find a friend to borrow one from because
you are not allowed to owe ME any bucks.
Nope, nope, NOPE!

What do I do with my bucks?
Be responsible for them, count them...and
spend them...of course!

What do I spend my bucks on?
Whatever you little heart long
as it's on the chart.

What chart?
This FREEBIE CHART right HERE that
also has the numbers, behavior bucks and titles included.

Because I love you.

I also made a Book Buzz that my sweet friend Kelli from
Tales of a Tenacious Teacher created a few weeks ago.  

Don't you just love her vibrant colors she uses?

This is so good that Tara ALSO made this for one
of her Monday Made Its this summer.

So...of course I had to make one TOO!
It's ELA.
I printed out my Book Buzz Tabs on Astrobright paper
usin' my NEW printer that you might have seen on 
I scooped up a cutie green basket, some lil' owl stickers, 
and some pretty curlies from Dollar General.
Love how it turned out!

I am so excited to implement this with my readin' Nerd Herd!
I already made sure to tuck in my first book suggestion for them.
I wonder who will find it first.  
They are goin' to...get a buck!

I was surfin' through my phone
(I uploaded the Snapfish app and can 
now get 100 free prints a month for a year!)
and stumbled upon some photos from this past year
of my students presentin' their Science Newspapers.

They worked together to design their own Science newspapers
to showcase their learnin' at the end of all of their Science units.
It's Science.

My students worked for a little over a week on these durin' 
our Literacy Center time.

I decided to take my idea official and created
Design a Science Newspaper to put into my TpT store.
This packet includes questions the students may
have, student response pages and a rubric for gradin'.

Be sure to scoop this up in the TpT sale if this fancies you.
Don't forget to use the code: BTS15 to receive up to 28% off!

As always...super excited to see what everyone else has created.
Happy Monday, friends!


  1. I love those Book Buzz tabs, thanks for reminding me of something else to add to the to do list!

    1. They were fun to make and I know my kiddos will love them!

  2. You were busy. I love it all. I especially love your buck holder. I need something similar.

  3. Great ideas! I love your Science newspaper idea to culminate the year! Thanks so much for the behavior bucks freebie. I use Class Dojo but can definitely use your reward chart.

    1. You are so very welcome! I use Class Dojo sometimes too! :)

  4. Your newspaper idea is genius!! They look so proud of theirs. What a perfect way to wrap up a unit! And thanks for the shout out friend- I'm glad you'll be able to use it... funny how you were inspiration for me too this week. Except I didn't execute mine was well as you did. I wish I could make you promise to keep linking up and blogging... I've missed your humor and don't want to see it go away!! :)

  5. Oh how I love all of this! Thank the Lord I have already made one so my list isn't as long! I told Kelli and I'll tell you, ya'll need to quit with the cuteness because I can't keep up!!!! The behavior bucks!!! Love it!!!! and the SCIENCE!!!!! Getting it!!!! My kids will love that! What a fun way to show what they know!!!! Love that! Thanks for linking up your fun and your always funny posts!!! I forgot to mention my hubs did my painting!! Oh well. Link up when you can...plan ahead...;) Have a great week!
    4th Grade Frolics

  6. Very cute idea from TJ Maxx. Never would have thought of that!

    1. Thank you! Every once in a while I will have a spark of genius. Lol!

  7. You crack me up! I just finished reading about Jerm's corn salsa, .. yea I'm a little behind! I love that you are so crafty. I'm going to live vicariously through you for your crafty part! LOL
    Have a great week!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  8. I love all your Made Its for the week! The Science Newspaper is such an awesome idea. I don't teach science, but all the writing - yay! I could do that for sure and I know the kiddos would love it!
    Are We There Yet?

  9. I have the book buzz tabs on my wishlist...I'm thinking I need to move them over to my cart! So cute!!


  10. I always love reading your posts! They make me smile! Your Made Its are adorable! I can't believe how many of you guys are heading back to school. School doesn't start for me until September 8, but I'm sure I will be obsessing in my classroom weeks before then!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

    1. YOU make me smile. We don't have kids until the 18th, but we have 4 days of PD and I have been planning with my team! :)

  11. Your bucks are so cute. We have a schoolwide behavior plan that has "tickets". They are a lot like your bucks. I will have to make that jewelry holder suggestion to my teammates!

    My Bright Blue House

  12. Love all of this! Your behavior buck storage is genius. I found out today my team does something similar. Now I know how I can manage it!


  13. Dang girl! First to link up again?? Show off. ;)

    I am barely getting my Monday Made It's up under the wire.... 11:05pm here. Whew. But I made it!

    Love your behavior bucks holder! Super cute. But where ever will you hang it in your room?

    I so wish I could nap. But I would be very afraid of what would have occurred in that time frame with these two unruly children. Ha.

    A View Into My Classroom

  14. How stinking cute are your behavior bucks?! I love them!


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