Monday, June 13, 2016

I'm back...again! What did I miss?

Have you ever heard the sayin',
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder?"
I find this to be true with bloggin'.
I took another hiatus.
It wasn't was me.

I had really good intentions of stickin' with bloggin' this past 
school year and then you

I have news though.
Jerm and I are buyin' a house and closin' on July 8th.
I'm growin' a human in my belly.
She is due on October 10th.
We are so flippin' over the moon about htis.
I'm overwhelmed with the generosity of everyone 
around us.  We have been blessed beyond measure already
to receive some incredible things for our little girl.
If there is one thing I've learned, people cannot resist 
buyin' little girl stuff.
All the pink's the cuteness!

What better way to get myself back into bloggin'
than to make somethin' for Monday Made It.
I'm linkin' up with my sweet friend, Tara, from 4th Grade Frolics.
Of course I had to make somethin' for baby girl.

When I told my best friend that I was goin' to have a baby
she quickly decided we needed a code word when discussin'
all things baby.
She promptly came up with the nickname "Tippy" for our 
Tip-Top Secret.
At that point we didn't know if Tippy was a boy or a girl, 
but the name stuck.
If I didn't like somethin'....I would say,
"Tippy doesn't like that" or "Tippy has a headache"...etc.

We have officially given Tippy a proper name now.

Kinslea Rose Evans

I have looked at every pin on Pinterest ever made for
little girl's nurseries and I want it all.
I originally wanted the colors to be pink and gray and to look somethin'
like this gorgeous little room.

Project Nursery - Elegant and Feminine Pink and Gray Nursery - Project Nursery:

And then....I stumbled across this pin and decided
I would definitely need to make this for Kinslea Rose's room.

DIY: Rustic Letters With Flowers

Jerm and I went to Michael's and bought some letters
because they were havin' a 50% off of A to Z letters.
Tryin' to spell out a name all in the same style is harder 
than you think.  

We also bought flowers for 50% to 70% off.
Pickin' out colors was not easy.
Dark pink, light pink, coral, much to choose from.

This turned into all day project.  
I placed the flowers and 
Jerm burned his fingers while doin' all the hot gluin'.

I put a teaser up on Instagram last Monday, but we ran
out of flowers and had to go get more at Hobby Lobby since
we cleaned Michael's out of all their colorful selections.

And now...the reveal.

I can't wait to get into the new house and get these up on the wall! 

Now I'm considerin' doin' the nursery in pinks and corals.
Time to start makin' some decisions and do some online shoppin'.

My second Made It was actually made for me.
Well...not for me, but for Kinslea!

My sweet 5th Graders and their parents threw me a surprise
baby shower at the end of the school year.

I, of course, burst into tears when I walked into my
beautifully decorated classroom and 
was greeted by an explosion of pink
and excited smilin' faces!

We had so much fun tastin' different baby foods
(squash, peas, and green beans are so gross!)
and sniffin' diapers to see which candy bars were placed inside.
We unscrambled some baby words and my students each took
their thumb prints and put them in pink paint to put on
the letter "K".

Isn't this so special?
Now I have something to hang in Kinslea's nursery
from my Rockstars.
We will cherish this gift forever!

I certainly am goin' to miss my babies, but have
already been assured that I have lots of babysitters
ready and waitin'!

Be sure to head over to Tara's blog to see the other MMI's.

I have a common assessments trainin' today.
Wish me luck!
Happy Monday, friends!


  1. So excited to see you linked up friend!!! Love your baby girl's name and those letters!!!!! Love <3 So excited for you and your husband! Having kids is life changing!!!!! I can't believe my baby girl will be getting married in 3 months!!! Yikes!!! Hugs and thanks for linking up:)

  2. OMG!! Congrats on the baby and her name is so precious!!

    Love the letter art you made for her nursery!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Mrs. B's Nook

    1. Thank you so much...we had fun making the letters!

  3. I was just thinking about you a few days ago when I was researching places to go on vacation this summer (PCB was an option). Anywho, we decided on Charleston instead! I am so excited to hear your awesome news! Congratulations on your pregnancy and purchasing a new home! I know you must be over the moon! A child of your own will change your life and make a sweet life even sweeter. Love the name and the rose letters are so gorgeous! Can't wait to see some nursery pix! Last time we communicated, my daughter was moving off to the Czech Republic (now known as Czechia). She is actually coming home on the 18th and will be living with me for a while. But, she had an AMAZING time there...visited a few countries, met a man (whom she is currently in England with since he lives there until she flies home). I flew over there on Christmas day and spent a week and she and her boyfriend flew home in March for her cousin's wedding which she was a bridesmaid in. It has been an awesome adventure for her. Just wanted to update you...:) And...congratulations again! You will make an amazing mom! :)

  4. How beautiful!! I am beyond excited for you and your family on your little one! She is already so loved and blessed to be a part of your family! Your letters turned out amazing! I can't WAIT to see the finished product of your nursery! So many exciting things happening to you... so excited for you girly! P.s. glad you are back sharing on the ole' blog. You've been missed <3

  5. Love the letters and name! She's a lucky little girl! And I feel you on the hiatus... First year of mommyhood also had me on a hiatus as well! Welcome back friend!

  6. Those LETTERS for her name are GORGEOUS! Great job momma! Good luck on your baby. Enjoy it all, because every stage goes fast.
    Crofts' Classroom

  7. I love the letters! You did a great job on them. Congratulations on the little one!

  8. I wondered where you had been! CONGRATULAIONS! What a beautiful name you have chosen for your little dear! I adore the "K" that your kiddos made for you, such a special keepsake! And the games they played at your shower, how funny! I can't wait to see photos of Kinslea! Blessings on the remainder of your pregnancy and prayers for a safe delivery!


  9. Okay that baby shower was the sweetest thing ever...and that K with their little thumbprints. I'm crying over the sweetness.

    1. Thank you...I cried too! It was so special!!

  10. I love the flower-covered letters you made. Congratulations! You will make an excellent mother. Your students are so sweet. That K will be a keepsake for sure. Have a great week.

    Elementary Engagement

  11. Ahhh CONGRATS on all of your new adventures! Love the name :)
    The Techie Teacher

  12. That nursery pic is gorgeous! I am sure whatever you decide upon will be as well. Really love the floral letters for her name. She is one lucky little girl. The shower by your students was so sweet! What a fantastic keepsake they made for you and baby. Hope you survived your PD today! Hugs!

    Luv My Kinders

  13. Congrats on the new house and Kinslea! The letters turned out beautiful, I can't wait to see what her nursery looks like.

    I can relate to "absence makes the heart grow fonder". I barely blogged, okay maybe 3-5 post, this school year. I feel recharged and excited to start blogging regularly again. :)

    Looking forward to reading your post!

  14. Congratulations, A!

    Oh man, that name is super adorable! And I love those flowers :)

    Your kiddos did awesome <3



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