Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tried it Tuesday...wish list and a pin fail...

It's Tuesday and it's time again to link up with my buddy, Holly, at Fourth Grade Flipper for
Tried it Tuesday.
I am postin' my Tried Its from California!

Tried it Not-So-Awesomeness #1: Leaf centerpiece
I do not cook.
I do not enjoy it.
Thanksgivin' is the perfect holiday for me to be with my family because they like the kitchen(minus my dad...he likes his spot on the couch).
I found a Dollar Tree in California (Joanne will be proud).
I bought some fake leaves.
I made a decoration for the table.
It was a Pinterest fail.


My fail:
The price was right...20 leaves for $2.
They are way too thick and you can't see the light. 
They had other leaves in the Dollar Tree back home that would've worked better.  
This store was already saturated with Christmas decorations and Fall was out the door.
The pin wins on this one. 

Tried It Awesomeness #2:  Amazon Wish List

I love gettin' presents, but I do not love surprises.  They make me extremely nervous.  My family decided long ago that it was just better for me to choose my own gifts instead of tryin' to surprise me.  I'm very particular about things...I realize this is not a classy characteristic to have and I'm workin' on this.  Last year I stumbled upon somethin' that made EVERYONES' lives easier...enter Amazon Wish List.  Actually my best friend, M.H., introduced this to me when he sent me his Wish List).  How did I go forever without knowin' that I could make a Christmas and Birthday Wish List? I sent out emails and let everyone, includin' Santa, know what I wanted...I guarantee the people that shopped for me were relieved.  No more surprises!  
*Disclaimer:  I do not require gifts.
 This is purely for people that have suggested that they MUST buy me a gift.
I wish I got somethin' special from Amazon for writin' about this...like a million dollar shoppin' spree, but sadly...this is not the case.
Can't find somethin' on Amazon that you want?  No problem.
Just add the Wish List Chrome Add-On.  It's universal and allows for you to add items anywhere on the interwebs to your Wish List.

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  1. Wow- how did I not know about the Amazon Wishlist???? And your pin fail made me LOL. That's me just about every time I do something crafty from Pinterest. :-P

  2. Thanks for the pin fail, it made me laugh! I feel that way a lot when I try something from Pinterest!

    Hodges Herald

  3. Love the tip on the Wishlist for Chrome!! Have a great Thanksgiving!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  4. You crack me up! I have had MANY of my own pin fails as well...everything looks so stinkin' cut and easy!!! Then, I get my little hands on it and it does not seem to quite turn out the same!! :) This Amazon wishlist is a must-I will definitely be getting my family on board with this!

    Thank you also for giving our blogiversary a shout out! You are the best and it is much appreciated!! :) Happy Thanksgiving week Alison!

    Daily Learning to the Core

  5. The leaves in the jar look so pretty from the pin! Your pin fail had me smiling. That is totally something I would do (or, I wouldn't even attempt it at all!). Good for you getting your craft on! Amazon wish list is a grand idea. Oh the possibilities...
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  6. Your pin fail....oh Alison you crack me up!

  7. Your pin fail is a big step ahead of me - I have not even tried to make anything I have pinned for the holidays!! I love the idea of the Amazon wishlist for me and my daughters! Thanks!

  8. Yup, I tried a craft a couple of weeks ago. It was a major Pinfail too. whoops...

    I do like the wish list for Amazon. I will be trying that!



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