Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's not even Thanksgivin'...why Christmas already?

You may be thinkin' to yourself, "It's not even Thanksgivin'....why is Alison postin' about Christmas?"  Why are there Christmas displays out already at the stores?  Why do my neighbors have Christmas lights up and I still have Halloween decorations out?  These are all valid thoughts.

Maybe you are like me and you might be goin' out of town for the holidays. You might be in a panic about your lesson plans for the return of Thanksgivin' because you don't want to fly by the seat of your pants after break(at least I can't with 5th graders).  I already have a plan in place on what I am goin' to be doin' to manage the "Christmas Crazies" aka the "Behavior Banshees" for the 14 1/2 days between breaks.

I have put together a special edition set of Christmas Behavior Beads.

My sweet model, Morgs showin' off the Christmas Behavior Beads!  She doesn't know yet that her 2nd grade teacher will be usin' them also.  She just kept sayin' "These are so cute!"  Love her!
Here is the official list of the 12 Christmas Behavior Beads:
~Jingle Bell Rockin' and Following Directions
~I'm a Joy to the World
~I'm Happy for the Holidays
~I'm on the Nice List!
~Spreading Cheer to Others
~Sleigh Bells Ring and I'm Listening
~Work, Work as fast as I can
~I Believe I can Shine
~Up on the Rooftop of my A.R. goal
~Santa's Little Helper
~'Tis the Season to be Awesome
~O' Christmas Tree, My Teacher is Proud of Me

For those of you that made it all the way down the is a FREEBIE for you
a Thanksgiving Behavior Bead that says "My teacher is thankful for me!"


  1. Those are adorable! Aren't we always looking for the next big thing that'll keep them behaving?? ;)


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