Friday, November 22, 2013

Five for Friday...'Twas the week before Thanksgivin'...

Today I am linkin' up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.  I had so much fun with this last week that I thought I'd try it again!  

Let's do this!

This afternoon I'll be flyin' on an airplane to CA to see my Mommy & Daddy...for one whole week!
Jerm and I will meet my Nitty in Atlanta and fly her out there with us.
I haven't seen my parents since January.  
The anticipation of seein' them is killin' me.

Today we will be watchin' Despicable Me in class.  This will be my first time watchin'.  I'm sure your reaction must be much like the kids' when I told them I had never seen it.  
We will also be doin' a fun activity called the Minion Maker that I scooped up from my buddy Matt at Digital Divide and Conquer.  Be sure to stop by Matt's store to get your very own copy and be sure to show him some love.


I've had a great response from my Christmas Behavior Beads (Special Edition) this week.  I am so thankful for TpT and the little bit of extra spendin' money I will have on my trips out to California durin' the holidays.  I enjoy makin' items for others as much as I enjoy purchasin' items from other people.  I love all of the creativity everyone has and it definitely makes plannin' easier on me!
Read about them here and scoop up a Thanksgivin' Behavior Beads FREEBIE.

I am in LOVE with Kate Peila's website/blog.  I am learnin' so many new techy things from her.  If you have not checked out her blog, Purely!  This week I learned how to use "Split Screen" from the Google Chrome extensions and it's pretty much uh-mazin'!  How I have lived without this, I'm unsure.
Stephanie from Forever in Fifth Grade wrote an awesome blog post titled: 
She has some great ideas to keep the holiday craziness to the minimum in the classroom and I will also be doin' this in my room.  I don't want to reveal too much because I have little eyes that read my blog sometimes.  More to come later; be sure to check back.
Forever in Fifth Grade

It's not too late for you to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday, 
if you haven't already.


  1. I hope you enjoy your trip!! I love spending time with family! I am also a big fan of Purely Paperless...I've learned so much through her blog!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  2. Have fun in CA! Thanks so much for the advice! I really appreciate it!
    Teaching with Giggles

  3. Thanks for the introduction to Purely Paperless! She sounds like an amazing resource! Enjoy Cali and being with your family during this holiday season!!!!

  4. Miss you already !!! Have fun. Gran Jan said you can always split screen even without the extension . Did you get her to load it for you. She showed me how to put two tabs side by side. I I had no idea. You just open a new tab. She wouldn't let me download LOL

  5. Home for the holidays! Have a blast!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I agree, I am very lucky to work with Veronica!!! She's told me about you and very helpful you've been! I look forward to following your blog:)

  7. Thanks for the shout out, Alison! That was so nice of you! It's funny you mention that you have little eyes that read your blog, I just discovered the same thing in my class yesterday. We were getting ready to have our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving feast, and I asked if anyone knew what Charlie Brown served for Thanksgiving dinner. One of my girls knew everything he served. I said, "You must watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving every year." She said, "No, I read your blog." Now, I guess I'm going to have to be careful too!

    Forever in Fifth Grade


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