Thursday, November 28, 2013

I'm on a roll...with pin fails and a sale...

I'm on a roll...with pin fails.
Read about the first one here.
I'm sure everyone needs a little more humor.
I tried to redeem myself with this to get the Thanksgivin' decor ready
and for dinner guests this evenin'.

I used leaves from my mother's tree in the backyard.  
Poor tree. 
It still doesn't look like the original pin, but it's better than the fake leaves.
The leaves didn't hang out in there too long before fallin' off...another fail.

I know you have seen these...cloves in oranges.
I'm not sure this project was meant for Cuties. 
It wasn't as fun as the pins look all over Pinterest.
I didn't bother searchin' for the original source...there are billions.
I know you've seen these.
If not, here is my Thanksgivin' board I created.
Juice squirted all over me.

Looks so nice and festive...yes?

It really gave some pops of color on the counter for our guests to admire.

I guess the sayin' "All good things eventually come to an end" is true in this case.

Yep...another fail.

Can you guess what this one is?
My Dad:  "Is that a hermit crab?"  
My Nitty: "What is that?  Is that a rainbow or a dead turkey?"
While it tasted yum, nobody knew what it was except mom, Jerm and I since we
were the pin planners.
Another fail...this is gettin' embarrassin'.

These little Cuties made a cute lil' decoration.  After two hours of hangin' out naked on a plate, they were hard as a rock.  I had to take them out to the backyard for some birds to snack on.
Fail, fail, fail!

I've decided to give up recreatin' pins until Christmas.  
I'm goin' to focus the rest of my trip on these real life cuties.

My 92 year old Nitty.  I scooped her up in the Atlanta airport.
Definitely not a fail.

It's super strange to watch football in the mornin' here while eatin' breakfast with my 'rents.
We've found a fun lil' place that shows all of the games, has a yummy breakfast buffet and Build Your Own Bloody Mary table. Score! 

Helped my mommy decorate the monster tree.  
I only got through two big containers of ornaments and gave up.
I'll add more when I come back in a few weeks.
It felt too early to be thinkin' about Christmas for me...that's my story...

  Jerm and I have gone off on some adventures to Moss Landing and Santa Cruz.
We prefer to stick locally in Carmel, Monterey, Salinas, and the couch.
The couch is where it's at.
I wrote one of my college exam papers all about my livin' room & couch at my 'rents house. 
 No lie.
Family time + couch=not fail.

This is the poor tree I robbed leaves from.  
At least I got in a few pretty pictures before I ran off with its' clothin'.
Yay for me.  Fail for the tree!

If you haven't heard...there is a SALE comin' to TpT.  
My Wish List is already F-U-L-L!
My bank account is just now recoverin' from the Back 2 School sale.

My Alison Rose TpT store is on sale on 12/2 & 12/3 for 20% off.
Miss Nelson and I have also put our Double Trouble TpT store on sale durin' that time.
Be sure to use the code "CYBER" for a total of 28% off on your purchases.
Remember to always leave thoughtful feedback to earn credits back for yourself 
to go towards other purchases. 

Thank you to Hello Literacy Designs for the cute graphic.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all.


  1. Hey girl! It's 4AM and I'm wide awake, reading your post. I fell asleep on the couch around 10:30PM and woke up at 1AM. Good luck to me for gettin' any sleep. Oh well....I got lots of cookin' to do, so just gonna give up on sleep for tonight. Thanksgiving was made for mid-afternoon naps anyways.

    Your pin fails have amused me to no end! LOL! And I only laugh because I know from experience that all those pins we pin to boards are deceptively easy/beautiful. I've yet to find a recipe on pinterest that works out and tastes good. So weird.

    So awesome to have you on the west coast, but the wrong part of Cali. California really should be two different states---it's so different up there. I agree with sticking close to Carmel. I went there when I was 16 and simply fell in love. I decided right then and there that my retirement years would be spent there. Better start saving; it's obnoxiously expensive there.
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!
    Ali in Cali

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  2. I love your turkey - and it clearly looks like a turkey!!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. I loved your post. No failing, I knew that was a turkey. I tried the cloves thing last year, no one mentioned how expensive the cloves can be. My hubs kept asking, what are those, and why? Well, they looked cool on Pinterest, that is why. This year I am sticking with baking. You get an A+ for effort and for being brave to share. Hope you and the family have a great time together.

    1. Thanks, Laura! My bestie and I were goin' to make the oranges/cloves with our students, but she went on a hunt for them and they are indeed super expensive. She found some for reasonable on Amazon, but I'm thinking we might want to spend our money on a different craft since the oranges will evetually become rotten. They do look pretty on Pinterest though. I'll admire them from there.

  4. Your Pinterest fails crack me up! Glad I'm not the only one who has problems! Lol! Looks like you're having a grand time with the family! Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  5. Alison, I am loving your so called Pinterest fails - they aren't as bad as you think!! LOL I hope you are enjoying your family time!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  6. LOL fail fail fail. You crack me up. I told you, story of my life with Pinterest crafts!! :-P

  7. Your pins may have failed, but this post didn't! I'm laughing so hard, there are tears in my eyes!


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