Monday, July 6, 2015

When I say "Monday" say "Made It"..."MONDAY!"..."MADE IT!"

Hello...from California!
I'm visitin' my parentals for a few weeks.
It's been great gettin' to spend some time with them
and some of their dear friends. 
I've also spent some time with my pajamas...
on the couch...
readin' books.  
It feels good to not have to adult every now and again.

I did take some time out from my absolute laziness to 
link up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics
for Monday Made It.

I learned last summer that it's not so easy
to go out and buy stuff to make for your classroom
when you are 3,000 miles from home.
I see all this cutie-patootie stuff that you guys are makin',
and I grunt at you, frown and yell...
"That's not fair!
Why not me?
I want that!!!" 
I'm havin' to just pin stuff for when I get home (borin'!)
I only have SIX.FOUR pounds left to spare in my suitcase
and let's face it...if I happen to see a stellar pair of shoes
on my trip, they will get TOP priority over somethin'
for my classroom.
I'm sure you understand.

SO...I went through my weddin' pictures and decided
I would share a few things that I made for my weddin'.
I'm sorry that it's July and some of the stuff you are 
about to see is...
The craft stores already have Christmas decorations
out, so I think it's perfectly acceptable that I 
jibber jabber about it here.
Just start signin' "Weddin Bells" to the tune of "Jingle Bells"
in your head and bare with me.

I must first thank my sweet hubby, Jerm, he helped me 100%
of the way with plannin' and decoratin'. 
Our plan was "simple" and "sparkly" and
I think we nailed that. 
Plannin' wasn't all sunshine and roses and on more
than one occasion I tried to force him into elopin',
in my super bossy voice...
but at the end of the weddin' day...
everything turned out
and we wouldn't have
changed a thing!
Our family and friends surroundin' us as we
said, "I do" was a dream come true!
Okay..maybe the weather could have been a teeny bit
warmer, but I'll let Mother Nature off the hook...
this time.

Did I ever tell you that I secretly like glitter?
Look at this!
 I bought some 8" paper mache letters at Hobby Lobby.
I waited until they were 50% off and got them all at one time.
I then painted them with a metallic silver acrylic paint.
Jerm sprayed the letters with spray glue 
(because I can't be trusted not to get the driveway stuck to me)
 and then sprinkled
very fine silver glitter on top.

The glitter looked like tiny little diamonds everywhere
...a girl's very best friend!

The lights in the venue at Pineapple Willy's Live really caught 
the glitter and the letters SPARKLED!
Quick and easy!

 The next one was easy also...
and it was NOT hard to find willin' participants to empty some
bottles for me to paint with the same metallic paint 
that was used above.
(I won't even tell you how many bottles were
emptied in a short amount of time.)
The metallic paint actually dries pretty fast.

I threw some curly cues from Hobby Lobby in the bottles...
stuck a red glittery candle holder next to them and 
"ta-da"...simple decor.

I had to show off my girls...aren't they beautiful?

I had some wine glasses personalized for my besties
from MiabelDesign on Etsy...since they worked so hard
on bottle emptyin'.

I wore my Nitty and Papa Rose's wedding rings
("something old"),
my engagement ring ,
 and my mom's ring
("something borrowed") 
durin' the ceremony.
The wine cork is significant because my parents 
are in the wine business.
No...I did not make the cork...or the wine...
or the rings.  

Another decoration we used were various Christmas balls on 
black charger plates...
all purchased from Hobby Lobby for 50% off.
The lights really caught all the sparkles on this as well.
It looked much cuter in person than this picture.

We also used some round mirrors and placed Christmas trees, 
strings of pearls, and red glittery candle holders on top.
I chose to buy large packages of LED lights 
instead of usin' actual candles.
Safety first.
All items purchased at Hobby Lobby.
Imagine that.

I did not make the next thing, but I fell in love with the
light up letters.
A few years ago...I saw
someone had placed "Joy" on their mantel and
I was obsessed with findin' those letters. 
I seriously stalked the Patio & Garden shelves 
every week startin'
in about...I don't know...
maybe OCTOBER...
lookin' for these.
When I saw "LOVE"...I. Had. To. Have. Them.

It ended up helpin' with the whole "love" theme of our weddin'.

  We now have this displayed in our house on a 
4-shelf ladder bookshelf
and keep them out all year...
because I love my husband...
all year...
and maybe because I'm scared of the dark too.

I made these cups online at For Your Party
As in...I made some clicks and some decisions.
I just happened upon an amazin' sale via an email
(I think it was 40% off) 
and I scooped them up.  
The back says "All you need is love...
love is all you need."
We used these as our drink cups at the reception
and sent these home with guests as a souvenier.

I made Jerm's brother write this on the board
when you entered the reception.
I know I'm a teacher and all, but there is NO way that 
I could've written this neatly on that chalkboard...NO. WAY.

This was pin-spired.

I ordered the famous couples print on, 
but I have seen them on Etsy also.
We tried to incorporate items from family also.  
The vase behind the picture frame was Jerm's grandmother's.
The bird cage was used in his brother's weddin' to collect cards, 
so we used it also as our card collector.

There was a beautiful Christmas tree set-up and it added to the
whole decor of the room.
Presents went under the tree.
I love presents!

We hung up pictures on the tree with little white clothespins
 from Michael's.
Pictures were from the past five years of us as a couple,
us with family,
and us with our friends. 
This was a neat and personal touch that we got
many compliments on. 
I originally saw this at our friends' reception
and knew it would be perfect for us also.

The tree was also a great back-drop for pictures.
(Can you tell how much my dad loves Jerm?)

We put out letters for our guests to sign.  
These wooden letters were purchased from Hobby Lobby
and Jerm painted them white for us.
Regular sized Sharpies worked great for writin'.
I'm thinkin' about sellin' some signatures on eBay.
Totally kiddin'!

I purchased paper lanterns to hang up in the ceilin' of the gazebo
for the ceremony.
I found them in different sizes and prints 
all over the place...Amazon, Hobby Lobby,
Oriental Trading, etc.
I just hunted for deals.
They looked great...when the wind
wasn't blowin' like crazy.

The antique table was the most meaningful part of our decor.
The table was refinished by my Papa Rose when he was alive.
I took it from my Nitty Rose's house and put it in my house after
she passed away last year.
At the bottom of the table we have four pictures for our family 
members that are no longer with us, but would've
been over the moon about us tyin' the knot.
They are a HUGE part of who we
we wanted them with us on our special day.
(All four of my grandparents,
Jerm's grandmother 
and his step-dad)
The wonderful man in between us in the middle...
that's Jerm's grandfather
Rev. Virgil Vickers marryin' us.
How SPECIAL is that?!
He has married 3 out of his 5 far!

What's a weddin' without sweets?
 We had a candy bar for the kiddies with little bags to fill up.
The rose frame says "Love is sweet...please take a treat"
The big glasses were borrowed from my sweet friend and caterer.
The gummy worms...because Jerm's nickname is "Worm".
They didn't match so much, but they were a must have.

 Our cake was THE YUM!  
I can't say enough about Fatty Patty's Cakes
(If you live anywhere near a cake from here...
for any occasion!)
The roses on top...because it my last day of bein' a "ROSE".
Now I'm officially...
Alison Rose Evans.

Fatty Patty's also made Jerm's groom's cake.
This is not MY team, but I'm learnin' to like them...
for his sake.
Marriage is all about compromise...right?

There were a lot more personal touches that we added, but I was
worried I might've put up too many pictures
and some of you might've fallen asleep readin' this.

I did make one school "made it".
I actually did an update to an oldie.
For several years I had S.T.E.M. Behavior Beads, but
I had a request for S.T.E.A.M. beads also, so I 
added some new beads.
I am puttin' them on sale until next Monday.
If you already own them, scoop up the revision in your TpT purchases.

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. I love all the personal touches! Beautiful wedding.

    Math is Elementary

  2. What a beautiful wedding! It was a nice surprise to see all these Christmasy things in July but my favorite part of your décor is your framed list of famous couples!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

    1. Thank you, Donna! We had a couple of more prints of different things that I ordered. There was nothing easier than putting a print in a frame!

  3. First of all, your title had me chanting. Seriously, I was doing it out loud. Secondly, I loved ALL the pictures of your wedding and for me, you could have kept going. Your sweet personal touches were amazing!
    I hate glitter, but I'd make those letters, they are cool!
    What a cute idea for pictures on the tree too.

    Your cake is beautiful, Jerm's though... not a fan of that team either. LOL

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you find a great pair of shoes while on vacay!

    Hodges Herald

  4. Wowza! Your wedding was beautiful! You and your hubby are super crafty! I love your ideas! Makes me want to marry my husband again. Lol! Have a great visit with your family! <3
    Barton's Buzz

  5. Your day looks like it was the PERFECT day!! Seriously- you make me want to do it all again to replicate your awesome ideas. All your personal touches are simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing and congrats again!

  6. Loved all your personal touches- you did a fabulous job on the decor! So glad your husband is crafty with you- mine would try to paint with the wrong end of the brush!


  7. Everything for your wedding was gorgeous! I love the glitter Mr. and Mrs. I am all about glitter and things that sparkle too!

    1. Glitter should really be a color! Lol

  8. I absolutely loved seeing all of the little touches from your wedding! I love when decorations reflect the couple...and when they're sparkly! :)

  9. I love all of the wedding pictures! Beautiful!

  10. How fun...visiting your parents in Cali! I used to live out there...way back when I was a young teen! Your wedding was all the details, especially the antique table with the framed photos of loved ones. So sweet! I love the cake and the groom;s cake daughter is a Seminole! She's lived in Tally for 5 years now...but she's off to Prague in just a few weeks! Your dress was absolutely the style! have a wonderful visit with the parents...:)

  11. I love all of this. All of it! And I've been waiting FOREVER to see it all! Are the kids calling you Mrs. Evans now?

  12. So sweet! I pretty much did elope-- It was great for us for I miss all the special touches of other's weddings! Congratulations!

    1. Everyone I have talked to that has eloped said they would do it again! Thanks for stopping by!

  13. What a beautiful wedding you created! I have always loved Christmas weddings (I got married on December 28), and yours was especially lovely!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

    1. How awesome, Stephanie! We can celebrate our anniversaries around the same time!!

  14. Beautiful! Love sparkly too, just not the clean-up : )
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Kids Math Teacher

    1. I agree too, Lucy! Sparkly clean-up is not so fun!

  15. Your wedding looks fabulous!! Love the tree idea with the presents under it and the pictures on it! Oh and about your fun with spray glue - our media center has a spray glue room. Yep! You take a project in there and spray til your little heart is content. However, I usually end up sticking to the floor!! lol.....have a great day!

  16. I LOVED all the details of your wedding! So beautiful and sparkly, just like you! I love all the special touches you added from the rings, to the pictures on the tree! You are the bomb dot com! So glad you shared them!


  17. Your wedding details are straight up pinterest worthy, they turned out so awesome. I had trouble picking out my favorite, but I think the glittery letters are my favorite! Thinking of using those letters for something in the house and of course now I am itching to go exploring Hobby Lobby.


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