Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Math: Differentiating Instruction with Menus

A few summers ago I wrote about how I use 
Laurie E. Westphal's 
in my classroom.
Read about that here
At the time, I didn't have any pictures of samples
from my classroom.  

I am back to share again...with pictures this time.
I love bein' able to present my kids with menus 
and lettin' them explore their own creativity.
The menu I chose for my students was 
(you can see a sample of this menu by clickin'
on the link above and lookin' inside
the book)

Below are some samples from the Money menu:

The first pictures you will see are from this option...

 This 3D model features so many fantastic
items that were able to fit in the budget to
outfit a very comfortable Teachers' Lounge.
Included: a Coke machine, a microwave, a massage chair,
a flat-screen T.V., and a supply of tasty lunch food.
I want to go in there...RIGHT.NOW!

The second room has calmin' pictures to soothe your soul 
while you get a relaxin' massage.  Refreshin' drinks are
provided after massages.

This model features beds in the Teachers' Lounge.  
YES...this made my nappin' heart HAPPY!
This makes me want to catch some ZZzzzz's.

This model also features a Coke machine, seatin' for relaxation
and a large supply of FOOD!
Total cost:  $12,998.85
I hope my school wins the lottery because I would
spend all my free time in here!

Here is the full model.

This student designed his lounge with his favorite teacher in mind.
I am "Rosie" and I am a Miami Hurricanes fan.
This lounge would be paradise for me.
His grand total came to $3,763.
I don't know who is payin' for the new lounge, but
I'm all in!

This student designed a game based on spending and saving money.
Notice her actual bank of money that is included?

So creative!

Here is another game that speaks to my belly.
Sushi Frenzy!
The key with all the different sushi rolls 
cracks me up!

This game was designed from one of the tic-tac-toe
activities which included designin' a television
show where contestants win money by answerin'
questions correctly.
Correct answers double the money.
Where do I sign up to be a participant?

I absolutely love usin' menus in my class...
not just in Math!
These activities make the content meaningful
to them and that is so very important to me.
Learnin' CAN be fun!

I bet your kiddos would love them too.

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. These are wonderful!! I love seeing the products!!

    1. Thanks for writing the books, Laurie! You have made my life much easier in the classroom and have saved me from not having to re-create the wheel.

  2. How fun! Your kids must have had such a great time with those projects!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! They certainly did have a great time. I for sure like using all of the different books. So many great activities in all of them!

  3. This is terrific! I'm sold! I teach 5th gifted. Should I go with the grades 3-5 or 6-8 Book??? Help!!!

  4. I love these projects! I think the idea of putting beds and a flat screen TV in the teacher's lounge is my favorite. I don't think I would ever leave. That would be okay. Right?

    Fit to be Fourth


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