Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I'm over here all tryin' Command + V and nothin' happens...

My name is Alison Rose
I'm an Apple-holic.
It's been 4 1/2 days since my last inter-Mac-tion.
Sad face.

I took my Mac into the Apple Store because I kept gettin' a black screen
sometimes when I typed.  If I clicked a button it would go away.
It really was just a nuisance more than anything.
I don't have an Apple Store where I live, so I thought it would be smart to 
take advantage while I'm here in CA.
I went in one night last week and it was slammed...imagine that.
I made an appointment with the Genius Bar for the followin' day.
They told me I would have to leave it there for 3-5 days.
Sad face.

I tried pitchin' a fit, but they weren't havin' it.
I told them I was on vacation.
That I had stuff to do.
That this baby is less than two months old...it's a newborn.
That there are 5th grade students in Florida that will need to use it on Jan. 6th.
Nope...they made me leave it there.
I did fine until yesterday and then the shakes started to set in.
I missed the keyboard.
The iPad mini and my iPhone just weren't cuttin' it.
I ventured upstairs to the land of the dinosaurs.
I'm over here all tryin' to hit Command + V on a desktop P.C....
and nothin' happens.
It's official...I'm an Apple-holic.
Sad face.

Today I got the phone call I had been waitin' for.
4 and one half days later.
They have to send it off to some "place"...I really don't know where because
there was steam comin' out of my ears.
It will be another 5-7 days from today.
I'll spare you all the bad things I want to say right now.
Sad face.

I have gone out and purchased two backpacks because mine busted on the way here.
Read about that here.
I don't need to worry about a backpack now because
I won't be carryin' my baby home with me. 
Sad face.

I told my parents I should just return both and really spend some quality time 
searchin' for the perfect fit for me.
My mom doesn't think I'll find a better deal. 
I got one on sale for $39.
My dad says, I definitely won't get a better deal 
because I spent $0. 
Funny guy.
Thank you 'rents for the backpack.

I'm sure I could find somethin' to occupy my time with.
Like takin' down this monster.
But really?  This looks way more fun.

I was goin' to write some resolutions until Jerm posted this on FB this mornin.
Another funny guy.

I did use up all the patience I had stored back up since break started to complete this.

So cute...not easy to make on a regular PC.
I miss the Mac.
Sad face.

In other news...I'm bein' fed extremely well. 
I posted these on Instagram already, but I wanted to share again.
My mommy makes beautimous breakfasts and snacks.

That is all. 
Thanks for listenin' to me whine and dealin' with my sad faces.

Happy New Year my friends.
I hope 2014 is filled with tons of awesomeness for you!


  1. Oh my!!! I would definitely have severe withdrawals without my Apples (macbook, iphone and ipad!)
    Dirt Road Teacher

  2. I feel your pain about not having the mac.

    Yesterday I spilled a huge drink on the table my {closed} laptop was sitting on. I grabbed it immediately, wiped off the bottom and checked it. I saw a couple tiny drops in the hinge. It turned off. I sprayed the hinge with a few squirts of "air in a can" and tried to turn it on. Nope! Dead. I pointed a fan at it all day and hoped it would dry. Nothing. Visions of my entire LIFE went through my head. Hours and hours of work on there. I didn't freak out, though. I plugged it in and went to bed. The next day I tried {again} to turn it on and it WORKED!!!! MY whole life flashed before my eyes.

    Sad that I depend on a piece of electronics so much.....if there was a fire in my house, I'd grab my dogs first, my laptop second, and run like hell outta there!! LOL!!
    Happy New Year!

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  3. Oh, Alison! I'm so sorry they're keeping your laptop hostage! I was pretty mad when they had to keep mine too... but hopefully they won't have to delete your whole hard drive. And I totally know what you're saying about making the switch back to a PC. It always takes me just a little bit longer when I have to use a computer at work for that very reason. Hope you manage to have a great NYE despite not having your Mac! :)

  4. Oh no!!! That's horrible!! I hope they are able to get it all fixed quickly and maybe you'll get it back sooner than they anticipate. The power of positive thinking, maybe?! I hope you are able to enjoy the rest of your break!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  5. so sorry for your baby! I hope they find the problem. I'm loving all of those food pictures. Come back so we can juice.

  6. I'm so sorry that your baby won't be returning home with you! Look at the bright side...it will be easier to get home without lugging it along. Think of how much better your back will feel! (OK, I'm trying to be positive here....it's my thing for the new year. :)

    Safe travels home! I'm seriously loving those breakfasts your mom makes! Can I come with you next year??? :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  7. I can relate to your computer problems! They can be very frustrating. I hope you get it back soon.

    It looks like a fun vacation. Enjoy!
    Happy New Year!

    Fit to be Fourth

  8. Booo to your Mac issues! I lost my hard drive in June and it was awful I feel your pain!
    I love your pin of the saran wrapped Christmas tree... that is awesome. LOL
    Happy New Year!

    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  9. I'm an Apple-holic too and would be totally freaking out! Prayers for a speedy recovery.;)
    iTeach 1:1

    1. Thank you, Kristin...It's tough, but I think I might survive...think....

  10. On no! I'm sorry to hear about your computer problems! I can no longer use our desktop and struggle to use my PC laptop at work because they are so sloooow and the shortcuts don't work like they do on my Mac!

    Literacy Spark

  11. Ok, those breakfasts are amazing and blog worthy. YUMMM Happy 2014!

  12. I do not feel your pain - I do not own any Apple products (my daughters each have an ipod). I do not understand your pain - so really I am just stopping by to say Happy New Year, safe travels, try and keep it together and can't wait to read more about your adventures in 2014!!

  13. Hey Alison! Yes, I seriously DO love T25! I was skeptical because of the price, and the fact that I already own Insanity and can't make myself do it (again--I did the program once through), but I'm so very glad I did buy it! The 25 minutes goes by super quick, but is really intense all at the same time. My *goal* is to do it before work each day. We shall see. Let me know if you have any other questions!

    Ps--just followed you on Instagram! :)

    The 4th Grade Journey

  14. At least you are keeping your wits about you!

    Loved your post, good luck getting it back!


  15. Um...saran wrap a tree! Might be genius or a pain in the you know what the next year!! I'm sorry about your computer woes....nothing worse than technology not working! Hope your baby gets better soon!!
    A Tall Drink of Water


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