Friday, December 27, 2013

I'm indecisive...I need your help...please.

I hope everyone is enjoyin' their break.
I need help...PLEASE!

My backpack broke on the way to CA.
This is not a good thing for me since I will be travelin' back home next Friday via plane.
I found something that I thought might work with lots of pockets, 
but there is no paddin' for the laptop.  
This makes me nervous. 
 I haven't had a Jansport since high school, but all the pockets were callin' my name.

I really like the pockets inside the pocket.

 So many to choose from...just so sad it doesn't have ANY paddin'...none at all. 
Sad face.  

Do any of you have any suggestions for somethin' that isn't too terribly expensive,
looks cute, and is comfortable for travel and long walks in airports?
I want one of everything and am too indecisive.

All the items that must fit in my backpack:
Macbook Air 13"
iPad mini
iPhone 5
my squishy pillow(it can be squeezed to fit in small places)
my jacket
electronics chargers
Diet Coke bottle
chapstick and contacts case

I also like to shove the backpack under the seat in front of me instead of usin' an overhead bin.
I'm not picky at all am I?

Any and all suggestions or links are welcome. 
Thank you...XOXO!


  1. You forgot the kitchen sink! Ha ha.

    I don't use a backpack, but I did see one at Target a few weeks ago that is really cute. It's sort of a lavender color with clear sequins all over it. I really want it. They still have it. Have no idea if there's padding. Why not use your jacket as padding?

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  2. I wish I could offer you some advice, but I haven't used a a backpack since high school (although, Jansport was my preference back then). I love a good laptop bag because of the padding and because they're less bulky, but I also don't carry a ton. I never need to carry a pillow or jacket as you mentioned.

  3. Hi Allison!

    2 years ago I spent four months backpacking Europe...all I brought as a backpack. :) I picked up a backpack from LL Bean and it is still in great condition. It has tons of pockets, a laptop/digital device pocket, straps for support, etc. It was quite an investment, but completely worth it. I still use the bag for toting papers to and from school. Plus, with LL Bean, you get lifetime warranty on their products {at any point you can send them the backpack and they'll send you a new one!}.

    If you want to check it out -

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  4. Up until three years ago I still used my backpack from high school when I was on vacation. It fell apart on me when I was working summer camp. :(

    I bought this one - - and have been happy with it.

    It's on their website under laptop/tablet bags.

    These are cute too -

    Good luck!

    Christina :)
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  5. That is a very cute backpack! What about if you used that (for all the pockets) and bought a laptop sleeve for your laptop? That's how my kids carry their laptops around at their high school.

    Safe travels home!
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  6. What a fun pattern! I sometimes use a backpack if I am traveling light, and it doesn't have padding for my laptop either. I bought a little neoprene sleeve to put it in, so it has it's own padding when it travels. :) The benefits of sticking the bag under your seat are HUGE. No more fighting for overhead bin space! I'm a new follower, thanks for joining my Blogs by Grade link up. :)

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