Saturday, August 24, 2013

Spark Student Motivation Saturdays and Saturday Snapshots...

Did anyone happen to catch the license plate number on the semi-truck that ran over me?  I know I'm not the only one feelin' this way right about now.  I had to make time to link up with my buddies though for Saturday Snapshots with Miss Nelson and Spark Student Motivation Saturdays with Head Over Heels for Teaching.


Spark Student Motivation Saturdays with Head Over Heels for Teaching: 

A box was delivered to school on Friday.
What's in the box? 
An iPad mini from our Donors Choose project!

What better way to get kids pumped and motivated to learn?  
I love incorporatin' technology in my classroom and participatin' in my county's B.Y.O.D. program. 
Not only do I integrate usin' devices in my lessons for researchin', respondin', etc., 
I also like to use them in my reward system.
  If you haven't taken an opportunity to write a grant for materials in your classroom through Donors Choose, you are missin' out.  There are so many things to choose from...not just technology.  I'm a fan!

Saturday Snapshots with Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera:  

My nephew turned 7 this week.  
Jerm made the cake and I decorated with the trucks.  

This was the aftermath of Orientation on Monday.  Luckily, the boys and girls helped me sort and organize or I'd still be there doin' it.  I am so thankful for such supportive families.

Sweet treats on the 1st day from my little rockstars.  It definitely made the transition from
 summer to school time easier.  

This week I bounced into my pod bestie J.R.'s room to snap some shots.  This year all of her students will be sittin' on these stability balls.  If they all go missin' and end up in my room, it wasn't me!  I plan on sneakin' into my other besties' room next week to take pics when they aren't lookin'...shh...don't tell them!

Love the colors in her room(blues, greens, gray, and pops of orange).  
It's always so calm and soothin' when I walk in there. 

Love her boards with fabric, ribbon, and tissue paper.

Love her board that she made to keep track of A.R. goals. 
 Washi tape, ribbon, and tissue paper on a white board.  

A part of her readin' area & bookshelves.

New bookshelves. 

Her beautiful Word Wall.  Letters on scrapbook paper with ribbon hangin' down.

Lanterns with circle tissue paper hot glued on.

She was clearly more prepared for supplies than I was.

Too lazy to eat anythin' else some nights.

Got a new shirt today to prepare for some New Orleans Saints football. 
I'm participatin' in ESPN's Fantasy Football again this year.  I did really well last year, but I didn't win.  
I'll be on two teams this year.  Maybe that will help my chances!  

That's about all I've been up to this week.  Nothin' overly excitin'.  
Sorry I don't have any cool sunset pics either. 


  1. How fun, a new ipad mini would get me motivated too! I love that you let them open it with you.

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
    Find me on Facebook

    1. They were all jumping up and down and wanting to name it! Lol!

  2. That cake looks great. I'm loving your new shirt. Have you been playing with the new mini?

    1. I started setting it up a little bit. It's so light and different from the original. I flipped it onto my face by accident already!

  3. That's awesome your donors choose project was funded!! I bet the kids and u are so excited!! Great pictures. I'm your newest follower!!

    1. Thanks, Becky! I was super duper excited when it was funded.

  4. Your students were too cute opening that package! So exciting and MOTIVATING! I bet they're already begging to use it! You and your husband are very talented...amazing cake! And, your friend's classroom looks great! Love the tissue paper on the board!
    Thanks for sharing and linking up friend!!!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

    1. I really need to find a case for this little thing. I went to Target on a hunt, but I didn't find anything that was appealing to me. I think I will need to browse Amazon which translates into, "I'm about to spend some money on other things I don't need." Lol!

  5. I need to get on Donors Choose! It's so awesome that people are willing to help teachers in time of need! I love your friends wizARd goals! I will definitely need to borrow that idea! :)

    The Journey of a Beginning Teacher

    1. YES, DO IT! You won't regret writing a project. It's really easy and pretty speedy!

  6. Congratulations on the iPad mini! I'm sure you all will have lots of fun with it. I like the idea of snapping pictures of other teachers room. I may just do that as well my BTF (bet teacher friend) switched rooms and is far away from me now:( I'm ready for some football, but I'm a KC Chiefs fan.

    1. I'm still going to be your friend even if you are KC Chiefs fan. I'm going to choose to ignore it. I'm kidding! :( That your BTF is further away. I love my podmates. I had to move pods about five years ago and it was DEPRESSING. My podmates and I at the time had to have a "divorce dinner." We cried like babies for several weeks. It wasn't pretty!

  7. Yay!! Congratulations on getting that iPad-that is an awesome way to spark some motivation in your classroom! Your sweet treats from the first day look delicious! Love that you took some pictures of your besties room...and her room looks great! The colors are super soothing and that tissue paper is so cute on the tops (I don't think i am creative enough to figure that out!!) Looks like your year is off to a great start! Can't wait to hear more about what you do with your iPad! :)

    Learning to the Core

    1. Thank you! I need to come up with my "Thank You" project for the mini. I know for sure I have to take pictures of it in use. I have until January, so I'm hoping something brilliant will come to mind.

  8. How awesome is it that you got an iPad mini from Donors Choose. I just signed up for a project, but I don't know....was the fundraising difficult?

    Your room looks awesome! I have been thinking about using stability balls in my room and I hope they roll their way into your room soon. ;v)

    I am starting a new linky party called “A Peek at my Week” and am hoping you could link up and promote it. It’s all about looking forward to what we have planned for that week (either at school or at home). It will be a Sunday linky party. I think it will generate lots of new ideas and connections for everyone involved.

    If you are interested, here’s my link:

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

    1. Fundraising was not difficult at all. I actually got picked up for "matched" donations for seven days, which really helped. I put the link on FB and some of my sweet parents past and present donated...including my real-life parents that live in California. Sweet, right?
      I am so sad that I read this too late to link up for your new linky. I will for sure be joining in for it next week though and will promote in any posts that I have this week.
      Have a great first week back...officially.

  9. Replies
    1. Thank you so much. I'm not a cake baker, but I can sure can open a package of Matchbox cars. Lol!


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