Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Makin' writing F-U-N! Writing Tips for Workshop Wednesday

I'm linkin' up with my sweet and funny friend, Jivey, from Ideas by Jivey
for Workshop Wednesday.

Today's topic: Writing Tips

Here's my tip: 
Make writing F-U-N!
I like to introduce short videos or clips 
that make the kids giggle.

This week I used a video titled: Ormie the Pig
I totally snagged it off my friend AMC's Pinterest.
(She's goin' to forgive me because I told her 
that I'm one of her favorites...I'm forcin' her to love me)
She has a great selection of Classroom Videos pinned.
If you don't blog stalk her already...go to
Looking from Third to Fourth.

I placed "Ormie the Pig" in my Edmodo library.
Not the actual pig...the video.
I presented the video.

The problem: Ormie can't get the cookies from the cookie jar.

The solution: My students had to come up with a solution
that was NOT shown in the video.
They had to get creative with their writin'.
They had to use a lot of details.
They had to make it so I could see the Ormie video in my head
combined with their solution idea.
They had to paint a picture with their words.

I did NOT help them with these at all.
I cannot take credit for their creativity,
but I can take credit for makin' it F-U-N!

Here are some examples:
I typed them out to make it easier for you 
to see the examples. 

*Ormie is a small pig with a gigantic appetite.
In the short film "Ormie", a hungry pig named Ormie
is trying to get a jar of cookies from on top of a refrigerator.
He does some pretty wacky (and nifty) things to get it down.
If I were Ormie, I would use a robotic arm to lift me up to the cookies.
I would just make sure it was stable!

*Ormie the Pig is just a regular pig who wants to get his hands on a
single delicious cookie.  His ideas are extraordinary, but
they would never work.  So here is what I would do
 if I wanted a crazy cookie...
Since I am secretly an alien from the planet Zorbadore,
I would have an array of laser guns.
It would take me quite a while to pick my gun, but
when I do I would shoot it!
If that doesn't work, I would use my super telekinesis
powers.  That is what I would do to get those warm cookies.

*Ormie really, really, really, wanted cookies,
but the problem was he couldn't get to them!
If I was Ormie, I would have bought a remote control airplane
 and flown it into the jar of cookies.
(Zach F.)

*In the video "Ormie the Pig", Ormie sees a refrigerator and
on top of the a jar of cookies.  If you know
pigs enough, you will know that pigs are chunky monkeys.
But, Ormie has a problem, the cookies are up there and
he's down here.  Ormie goes to the extreme to get the cookies
such as strapping a rocket to his back, but the rocket left
without him.  Finally, when Ormie quit he sat against the fridge...
and the cookies fell!
Right when Ormie was about to eat the cookies,
the cookie jar fell on his head.
Can you talk about bad luck?
Fortunately for me, I have a solution.
All Ormie has to do is take the two toilet plungers,
strap them to his feet and walk up the SIDE of the fridge!

*Ormie is a pig that really wants some cookies and tries
everything in his willpower to get those cookies.
He just can't seem to get them though.
I think Ormie should try to get a pair of sticky gloves like
spys have and go up the refrigerator on the side without doors.

*Ormie the pig wants to eat cookies.  He can't though because
they are on top of the fridge.  Ormie's problem is that he can't
get the cookies.  If I were Ormie, I would use my
magical wings to fly to the top and get the cookies.  Then, I would
use my duplicating powers to get even more cookies so I would never
have to fly again.  Believe me...flying hurts your back!

*The pig, Ormie, can't reach his chocolate chip cookies
that are on top of the fridge.
He tried many different things. Finally, he gave up and just
sat in front of the fridge and knocked the cookies down, but
then the jar fell on his head.
Poor Ormie!
If I were Ormie, I would dress up as a cowgirl,
get a horse and throw my lasso around the jar!

*Ormie the pig has a problem.  He can't get the cookies from
the top of the fridge.  I have an idea that will help him get the cookies.
Get a grappling hook and shoot it at the cookie jar.
The only problem for that is that he must have good aim.

*Ormie the Pig has a problem.  There is a bucket of cookies
on top of the fridge and he tries many ways to get it.  If I could help him
get the cookies, I would tell Ormie to get a bunch of books and make
stairs all the way up.  He would need to make it
completely stable so that they wouldn't topple down.

Everyone also had an illustration to go with their writin'.

Quick, easy, F-U-N!

Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. I LOVE it!!! And not just because of the super sweet shout outs. I used a video from my Pinterest board this week during an observation lesson. Videos just snag their attention - I love using ones they have never seen before. You have got to love the name Ormie too!!

  2. Soooo awesome! They were super creative with their solutions! However, not ONE of your students said to wear really HIGH HEELS to reach the cookie jar! Problem solved!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  3. Sooo fun! I love this! I am your newest follower. :)
    Come Visit Readbox!

  4. What an adorable video and writing exercise! I love when students get to be creative like this!!!

  5. I love this. Now it's on my Pinterest board as well. Thank you so much for sharing this fun writing idea!

    Fit to be Fourth

  6. Cool! I didn't know Pinterest had videos. The writing examples came out great!!!
    Kids Math Teacher

  7. What a great idea!! That video is about the most adorable thing ever. I used to have a slight obsession with pigs... ever since Wilbur. :) Thanks for linking up!


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