Saturday, April 12, 2014

My students HIT me...Spark Student Motivation Saturday

Hello, Saturday! 
Today I'm joinin' my sweet BBB Joanne from
Spark Student Motivation Saturdays.

I was ready for this week to be O-V-E-R!
My poor kids deserved this weekend to have a break from me.
They have worked so hard the past several weeks.
They needed some F-U-N to get them 
through the next few weeks.
It was a MUST to spark some student motivation 
before the dreaded state testin'.

What could be more fun than peggin' your teacher 
with water balloons?
Yep...that's right...
I promised my kids that if they gave me their full attention
this week and practiced all of the test strategies I have
taught them, they could then peg me with water balloons.
Turnabout is fair play though...teachers also work super duper
hard durin' state testin'.

Got these at Dollar General.  $4 a pack.
I didn't fill up all of them...I still have plenty left.

This took a while to do because the nozzle that was included
in the bag did not fit the sink at school. 
I was soakin' wet before we even made it outside.

The girls gettin' ready...they look a lil' scared.

Not the boys...they are ready for action!

Of course we had to take a selfie.


The kids let me get each of them individually.
They all got ME at the SAME time.
Let's just say...some of them have unbelievable aim.

They all helped clean up the tiny pieces and are
already beggin' me for us to do this again before the end
of the year.

They will just have to wait and see.

I also asked parents to send in snacks so we could 
have a ROCK the FCAT grazin' party.
The idea behind all day and be merry!

I have a feelin' my kids are goin' to knock this test out...
just like they knocked me out with the water balloons!
That's's just water and I know this will be
a day my kids will remember for a long time to come.

Happy Saturday, friends!


  1. Fun, fun, and MORE fun in Ms. Rose's classroom! Water balloon fights are always so much fun, but filling the balloons is NOT. Ha! And I like the idea of having a grazing party....great excuse for me to eat all day in class too. : ) That may have to be our next marble party---and I won;t have to spend any money!!!!

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  2. Wow! You are one brave soul! I know the kids must have loved this and will work extra hard to be able to do it again ;-) Best of luck to you and your students on FCAT!

  3. Alison! Oh my goodness! What a fun day you guys had! Why do kids love water balloons so much!? For many years I had a water balloon event on the last day of school- I had one of those plastic balls that you put a balloon in and when you close it a timer starts. The kids pass the ball around and when the time is up the balloon bursts- so you never know who is going to get wet! Such fun! Course I never got wet! Bless you- those kids will always remember this!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. Ooooohhh...I need to find one of these things Carol! How fun!!!!

  4. A graze all day party is my kinda thing! hehe We've done water balloons after the test but never before. I'll have to remember that because I know my lovelies are going to need some motivation before the test!

  5. that looks like loads of fun!!!

    I am sure your kids will do GREAT!!!

    Hodges Herald

  6. Help I am at the bookstore and need name of Elvis book!!!!! Will read post later promise!!

  7. Help I am at the bookstore and need name of Elvis book!!!!! Will read post later promise!!

  8. What a motivator!!! My kids would totally pay attention for this!! Um...stealing this idea!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  9. Your kids must have had a blast with that - literally! Best wishes for your test next week!

  10. Love! Love! Love! The fun you have in your classroom! I want to be a student in your class! My students need a release after testing and I really like the water balloon idea! My teammates and I are planning a fun day for our students and all of their hard work leading up to FCAT and of course all the hard work they are going to go through this week taking the FCAT! I will share this idea with them.


    1. Is it bad if I plan to watch a movie with my kids the second after they pick up my tests??? Poor things...I can't believe we have two weeks of testing. Ahhhh!

  11. Alison~ SO MUCH FUN! I wish it was warm enough to do that here. My students would LOVE it. Our seventh graders do a Civil War battle with water balloons on the last day of school. They are crazy.
    I know your group will rock that test!

    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  12. How fun! I love this, and I think it would be just as much fun for the teacher. I need to do something like this. Our testing is two weeks away. Thank you for the idea!

    Fit to be Fourth

  13. LOVE IT! I want to be in your class too! A memory they will never forget! I'd have to get a parent volunteer to tie those water balloons...I hate it! LOL! This is soo motivating-I will definitely have to do this! Thanks for sharing and linking up!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  14. My kids would totally LOVE this but I do not think my principal would EVER approve it. :(

  15. This makes me wish I taught in en elementary school so I could do fun things like this with my class!!

  16. I love this idea. We do a water balloon toss/throw during the last week of school - but I have never let the kids hit me on purpose!!
    Did you know that Krispy Kreme donuts did not make it where I live - all of the stores shut down - I kinda miss them : )

  17. I am in love with this idea...I'm gonna have to use this as incentive during these end of the year crazie days! :) Thanks for sharing!

  18. This is so fun!! I bet your kiddos will remember it forever.


  19. LOVE the idea! I have a feeling my boys would really buy in on this! Who doesn't want to hit their teacher with a water balloon?? Fabulous!!

    Funky in Fourth

  20. Love, love, love this! We all need some fun, especially in the midst of all of the testing that we're required to do. I am SO stealing this idea for our end-of-the-year party!

    Shafer's Shenanigans 

    1. Be sure to ask a volunteer to help you...and to save your fingertips! :)

  21. We always did water balloons after our Third Grade Olympics. Last year I found a water balloon filler at Aldi's. You pumped it up to build the pressure and then used it to fill. It was the best $5 I'd spent in a while!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans


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