Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Start your engines...Tried it Tuesday

Time to link up with my sweet friend Holly
Tried it Tuesday.

Tried it Awesomeness #1: My first NASCAR race
Four years ago when Jerm and I got together, he MADE me
pick a Nascar driver. 
I looked at him sideways as he pulled up all the drivers for
me to check out.  
I knew NOTHIN' about Nascar...so....
I did what any smart girl would do,
I picked my favorite number.
#11-Denny Hamlin.
Denny tore it up (that's a good thing) the year 
I started watchin'...on the T.V.
I'm a great cheerleader from the couch.
I couldn't avoid the great outdoors forever though.
This past weekend, nine of us headed off to 
Talladega Superspeedway to 
watch the race.
Let me just scream...
Tailgatin' at 8:30 a.m. makes for a VERY long day!

You can get a really nice suntan though.

Goin' with buddies is a fabulous idea.  Sissy-in-law selfies.

The best part of all.  
MY DRIVER WON!!!!!!!!!!
I was FLIPPIN' OUT...one of the coolest
things I've gotten to witness.

Even though I had the time of my life,
I said I can't ever go back.
How do you top your driver winnin' 
the first race you go to?
You can't.

Tried it Awesomeness #2: B.B.F. Award
Do you know my sweet friend Brooke from Smarter Balanced Teacher?
She gave me an award.  
Not just any award, but the coolest award of all time...
"The Best Blogging Friend Award" and I was blown away!
She made this for ME...M-E!
(Read why here)
Is that seriously not the sweetest thing?

Brooke...you ROCK and I HEART you!
Since Brooke tagged me...I get to tag someone else.
This was a really tough decision for me
because I love all my bloggy buddies and want them
by my side in real life at all times.
That's not how this works though.
I have to choose one.
So, here goes...
my B.B.F. this time goes to...

Erin aka Miss Lifesaver
Miss Lifesaver
Erin and I have talked about EVERYTHING
under the sun!
She just gets me and I love her dearly.
We have some of the funniest and some of the 
most serious conversations.
We email, we text, we Facebook, etc.
It honestly feels like we have been friends forever.
So...Erin...TAG...you're it. 
Your turn to choose someone else.

Before I go...did you have a chance to check out 
I chose Cassie from Funky in Fourth 
Funky in Fourth

Cassie is havin' her very first ever Rafflecopter giveaway.
Be sure to go give Cassie some love.

I'm sure you've heard there is a TpT sale goin' on.
Thank you to Hello Literacy Designs for the cute graphic.
I'm havin' a sale in my store and so is Double Trouble.
Teachers do ROCK!

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. I'm SO honored that you chose me as your BBF! I'm actually giddy with excitement over it because I'm a giant kid that way! :) And let me just say the feeling is mutual! Is it weird to have a best friend I've never met in person? Ah... who cares?! xoxo

  2. I did something like you with my husband only I had to pick a football team. I picked one with what I thought was the funniest mascot - the horned frogs aka TCU. :) And as soon as I picked them, they began to win, win, win! That's what made it fun! Oh and I chose Funky in Fourth for a Liebster Award so I hope she accepts! :)

  3. Brooke is so right about you! You are the one who time and time again comments on my posts, which is so appreciated when you are first starting out. You are the one who inspires me to try to take more time to do the same for others!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

    1. You have me blushing! I appreciate the compliment, Stephanie! You KNOW I feel the same way about you! xo

  4. How fun does NASCAR sound now!! Glad you had fun!!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  5. Sounds like the race was awesome! Glad you had a great time and didn't get sunburned! Have you gotten your hearing back yet? LOL
    Have a great week!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  6. NASCAR races are pretty exciting! And, LOUD right??!! I haven't been to one in years, but it definitely takes it to a new level in person! Adorable pictures by the way! :) Erin is awesome! xoxo
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  7. Erin is awesome and so are you! NASCAR looks like quiet the experience...you are a great sport!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  8. Looks like you had a great time! And you definitely deserve a best blogging friend award!

  9. I love the pictures of you at the Nascar race!! So fun! A B.B.F. award? You are SO deserving of that one! You are such an inspiration to me and always so thoughtful. I just love you and can see why so many other bloggers do too. :) XXOO
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  10. I love sporting events! I haven't gotten into Nascar but I bet it was awesome just to spend some time with your man! :) That's always a good thing. Congrats on the B.B.F award!
    :) Steph

    1. I didn't think I would EVER see myself getting into Nascar, but here we are. Lol! Fun times indeed! :)


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