Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Makin' writing F-U-N! Writing Tips for Workshop Wednesday

I'm linkin' up with my sweet and funny friend, Jivey, from Ideas by Jivey
for Workshop Wednesday.

Today's topic: Writing Tips

Here's my tip: 
Make writing F-U-N!
I like to introduce short videos or clips 
that make the kids giggle.

This week I used a video titled: Ormie the Pig
I totally snagged it off my friend AMC's Pinterest.
(She's goin' to forgive me because I told her 
that I'm one of her favorites...I'm forcin' her to love me)
She has a great selection of Classroom Videos pinned.
If you don't blog stalk her already...go to
Looking from Third to Fourth.

I placed "Ormie the Pig" in my Edmodo library.
Not the actual pig...the video.
I presented the video.

The problem: Ormie can't get the cookies from the cookie jar.

The solution: My students had to come up with a solution
that was NOT shown in the video.
They had to get creative with their writin'.
They had to use a lot of details.
They had to make it so I could see the Ormie video in my head
combined with their solution idea.
They had to paint a picture with their words.

I did NOT help them with these at all.
I cannot take credit for their creativity,
but I can take credit for makin' it F-U-N!

Here are some examples:
I typed them out to make it easier for you 
to see the examples. 

*Ormie is a small pig with a gigantic appetite.
In the short film "Ormie", a hungry pig named Ormie
is trying to get a jar of cookies from on top of a refrigerator.
He does some pretty wacky (and nifty) things to get it down.
If I were Ormie, I would use a robotic arm to lift me up to the cookies.
I would just make sure it was stable!

*Ormie the Pig is just a regular pig who wants to get his hands on a
single delicious cookie.  His ideas are extraordinary, but
they would never work.  So here is what I would do
 if I wanted a crazy cookie...
Since I am secretly an alien from the planet Zorbadore,
I would have an array of laser guns.
It would take me quite a while to pick my gun, but
when I do I would shoot it!
If that doesn't work, I would use my super telekinesis
powers.  That is what I would do to get those warm cookies.

*Ormie really, really, really, wanted cookies,
but the problem was he couldn't get to them!
If I was Ormie, I would have bought a remote control airplane
 and flown it into the jar of cookies.
(Zach F.)

*In the video "Ormie the Pig", Ormie sees a refrigerator and
on top of the a jar of cookies.  If you know
pigs enough, you will know that pigs are chunky monkeys.
But, Ormie has a problem, the cookies are up there and
he's down here.  Ormie goes to the extreme to get the cookies
such as strapping a rocket to his back, but the rocket left
without him.  Finally, when Ormie quit he sat against the fridge...
and the cookies fell!
Right when Ormie was about to eat the cookies,
the cookie jar fell on his head.
Can you talk about bad luck?
Fortunately for me, I have a solution.
All Ormie has to do is take the two toilet plungers,
strap them to his feet and walk up the SIDE of the fridge!

*Ormie is a pig that really wants some cookies and tries
everything in his willpower to get those cookies.
He just can't seem to get them though.
I think Ormie should try to get a pair of sticky gloves like
spys have and go up the refrigerator on the side without doors.

*Ormie the pig wants to eat cookies.  He can't though because
they are on top of the fridge.  Ormie's problem is that he can't
get the cookies.  If I were Ormie, I would use my
magical wings to fly to the top and get the cookies.  Then, I would
use my duplicating powers to get even more cookies so I would never
have to fly again.  Believe me...flying hurts your back!

*The pig, Ormie, can't reach his chocolate chip cookies
that are on top of the fridge.
He tried many different things. Finally, he gave up and just
sat in front of the fridge and knocked the cookies down, but
then the jar fell on his head.
Poor Ormie!
If I were Ormie, I would dress up as a cowgirl,
get a horse and throw my lasso around the jar!

*Ormie the pig has a problem.  He can't get the cookies from
the top of the fridge.  I have an idea that will help him get the cookies.
Get a grappling hook and shoot it at the cookie jar.
The only problem for that is that he must have good aim.

*Ormie the Pig has a problem.  There is a bucket of cookies
on top of the fridge and he tries many ways to get it.  If I could help him
get the cookies, I would tell Ormie to get a bunch of books and make
stairs all the way up.  He would need to make it
completely stable so that they wouldn't topple down.

Everyone also had an illustration to go with their writin'.

Quick, easy, F-U-N!

Happy Wednesday friends!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Nailed it, again...bein' glam-glow-orous!

I'm baaaaaaaack.
I didn't really go anywhere.
I just lost touch with reality
because I started playin' a new app...
I'm on level 124.
It's similar to Candy Crush, but I had to try somethin'
new after bein' stuck on level 409 of CC for months.
I abadoned it because it made me say
bad things.
I'm sure this new obsession will be short lived.

It's Tuesday...time to link-up with my sweet friend Holly from
Fourth Grade Flipper for Tried it Tuesday AND I'm linkin' up with my
other favorite Ali from Teaching (Powered by Caffeine) for her 
"lovin' it & over it" linky!

Tried it Awesomeness #1: Jamberry Nails

 Hello Black and White polka-dot Jamberry nails!
These make me happy!

 Not bad for a first timer!

Still goin' strong four days later!

This took me about 40 minutes from start to finish.
I went back and forth between usin' a hair dryer and 
a warm rice bag for application.
It's easy.  I promise.

If I'm able do this...YOU can do this!
Keep readin' to find out how!

What are Jamberry Nails?

So pretty aren't they?
How would you like to win your very own Jamberry nails?  
Go to my Jamberry consultant Veronica Porche's
and LIKE them for your chance to win
a half sheet...which is enough for a full mani & pedi!
Be sure to leave me a comment that you have entered.

Tried it Awesomeness #2: Glam Glow
Have you seen this on Pinterest?
I couldn't NOT order looked too amazin'.
Of course I hopped on Amazon and it came 
in two days..I'm lovin' Amazon Prime.
It's a lil' pricey, but I shopped around for the best
price.  Just make sure it is sold by Glamglow.

Before...a lil' nervous...

It smells like licorice and the color was questionable, but
I was too far into it to give up.
I can't believe I'm postin' this on the interwebs.

It was definitely gettin' somethin' up from my face.
I'm sure I will need to use it more than once
to see some super duper results, but
I felt like I was havin' a face lift because 
my skin instantly tightened from the mud.

I don't know if I'm in the ranks of a glamorous
movie star yet, but I'm gonna keep tryin'!

I'm over standardized testin'.
I don't really think I need to elaborate.
If you're a teacher readin' probably feel
the same way I do.
Just let me teach.
Sendin' out positive vibes to my buddies
givin' FCAT Writes this week.
Oh yeah...and let's not forget laundry...
I'm over that too!

I hope you have your cart full for the 
3 Millon Teachers Strong Sale 
on Feb. 27 & Feb. 28.
I've got my TpT store set for 20% off and
We've got some new Spring question cards that
we will be addin' soon.
Head over to Pinkadots Elementary to link-up!

Happy Tuesday friends!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Geometry and mascara...Tried it Tuesday

It's time for Tried it Tuesday.
I'm linkin' up with my sweet buddy Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper.
Holly is off at Disney havin' fun...can you say, "Jealous?"

Tried it Awesomeness #1: Geometry
I do not like Geometry.
There...I said it.
I failed Geometry in high lie.
I had to take it TWICE.
Talk about humiliatin'.
The ONLY way I could pass Geometry was with help of friends.
Today's lesson in Math guessed it...Geometry.
This year we are still bein' tested on Florida's
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards,
our Math books have been switched to 
wait for it...

What this means is we are doin' a blended curriculum.
I am able to access the teacher's and students' books
for the old standards to project on the SMARTboard,
but we can't do any of the practice from the lessons on paper
because it prints out awkward.
So, I do the lessons whole group and we work with friends 
on a few of the problems and move into other things.

If you've been here for a lil' bit readin' my blog, 
you know my kids are all over the place...all the time.
I like to switch partners and groups durin' just about
every activity we do.
Today we partnered up boy-girl.
This happened in about ten seconds flat.
Boys got a sheet of paper.
Girls got the protractor and 
off they went.

I tried to love Geometry today for my babies.

I projected the problem on the SMARTboard.

They worked together to draw a ray.

Then they had to draw a triangle with a measure of 62 degrees.

They had to work together to get the correct answer.

Then the boys had to share their answers with me and then 
switch girl partners to agree or disagree with
their answers and figure out what they did wrong if
they didn't get the right answer.

Geometry is not so bad when you have someone
to share it with.

Tried it Awesomeness #2: blinc mascara
I have tried every mascara ever invented.
No matter what kind of make-up cleanser I use,
I still end up with black circles under my eyes.
Until now...
My pod bestie, JR, introduced me to some mascara awesomeness
last week and I got on Amazon and ordered it immediately.
*Neither one of us is affiliated with this company, nor 
have we gotten any product for free or discounted.

"blinc is the original mascara invented to form tiny water resistant
"tubes" around your lashes that add volume and length
and cannot run, smudge, clump or flake, even if you cry
or rub your eyes.
Only when you are ready, a combination of lots of warm water
and gentle pressure, from your fingertips or cloth
will slide the tubes effortlessly into your hand.
No makeup remover required."

This stuff WORKS!
I haven't tried it yet with eye liner, but 
I've been wearin' this mascara for the past three days
and I don't have ANY black makeup left under my eyes.
I didn't mind spendin' $20 when I think about the
amount of money I am savin' on make-up remover.

Happy Tuesday friends!
Be on the lookout for my review of Jamberry nails
comin' very soon.

Monday, February 17, 2014

New buttons...yippee!

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Erika from 
my Pinterest and Instagram buttons.
This makes me happy!
It reminded me to take a moment and be thankful 
for all of the lil' pieces my blog design has 
that represent me.
The favorite symbol.
The rose...for my last name.
The music notes and stars for my rockstars and theme.
The colors...that match my classroom. 
The hearts...because I've got a lot of love to give
and to receive around here.
Thank you also to my friends and readers.
I've grown so much from our friendships...
and laughed...a lot.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Breakin' the rules...Sparkin' Student Motivation

It's Saturday which means I'm linkin' up with my sweet buddy Joanne 
Spark Student Motivation Saturdays.

If you are readin' this...
I want you to know I wore high heels this week.
They hurt.  I complained.
Two hours was my limit.
I was in full on giraffe-mode.
My flips flops didn't like me in heels.
I don't know how you do it.
You are my high-heeled hero.

If you are a rule-breaker like me...raise your hand.
Breakin' rules at school is motivatin'.
You might be thinkin' to yourself..."Um...what?
She's a teacher.  Why would she encourage breakin' rules?"
Just trust works.

Tell a kid they are goin' to get to break school rules,
they will do what you want.

Tell a kid they will get to chew gum in school,
they will do what you want.

Tell a kid they will get to throw a ball indoors,
they will do what you want.

Tell a kid they will get to stand on a table or chair in school,
they will do what you want.

In my class...when I catch someone doin' somethin' "good"
and when they least expect it, 
I will yell bark really loudly, 
"Get on your chair for..."
They move faster than lightnin' to get up on that chair
with a large, goofy grin on their face.
Well, because they are breakin' school rules of course.
And that my friends, is COOL!

Yes, they "might" fall off the chair, but we don't think about
that BECAUSE...they "might" fall out 
when they are sittin' in the chair too.

What types of things might be cause for a child to climb
up in their chair?

*Gettin' a 100% on a test.
*Makin' it into the Millionaire's Club.
*Bringin' back a signed report card slip.
*Goin' above and beyond on one of our online programs...
without me askin'.
*Meetin' an A.R. goal.
*Doin' somethin' kind for others...randomly.
*Dustin' my desk.
*Organizin' my closet.
*Surprisin' the teacher with a treat.
*Just for bein' awesome.

There really is no end to the possibilities. 
You just never know when chair climbin' will occur.

Standin' on tables is reserved solely for when the crazy teacher
needs to make a super duper important announcement
That's right...turn a year older and you get to stand on the
table while your classmates and buddies
sing to you.
Don't even think about lettin' this slide by anyone
on their birthday...they will bug you about it
until you drop everything you are doin'
to sing and dance for them.
True story.

Be forewarned, if you start this tradition with your own
class, you will be known as the rule-breaker
and will be expected to always continue this tradition
even if you have offspring of Administration 
in your classroom.
It's pretty much a rule that you must break the school rules.
Or else.

Motivate them!

You can choose one at a time.

 Or all of them.

Just don't ever...I mean..EVER...
not let them enjoy bein' on the table for their birthday.
I'm serious.

Happy Saturday my friends!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to draw a Valentine's monkey...Tried it Tuesday

It's Tuesday...time to link-up with my sweet friend Holly 
Tried it Tuesday.


It's no secret that I'm addicted to Pinterest.
You can find me here.
With the help of Pinterest and my bestie, I 
discovered Art for Kids Hub not too long ago.
I like this site because the artist normally attaches
a YouTube video for students to get a step-by-step
and there are so many options to choose from. is the artist's, Rob Jensen, Pinterest page.
if you are interested in followin' him.
(Holy moly...Rob found my blog post...he wrote to ME.
I am ECSTATIC...I just showed my kids and they are FLIPPIN' out.
We feel like real-life ROCKSTARS!)

Tried it Awesomeness : How to draw a Valentine's monkey
(My sweet friend, Erin aka Miss Lifesaver is goin' to LOVE this
because she loves monkeys!)

I browsed many drawin' choices on the 
I finally found one I wanted to use for Valentine's...
a monkey.
Technically, it's not for Valentine's, but
I am makin' my 5th graders be my Valentine this year,
so...they had to draw me a Valentine's monkey.
Only thing...they only had the tutorial for the head.
They had to get creative on their own for the body.

I've been pushin' my kids hard.
We needed a break.
Drawin' was the answer.
Music on, crayons out, brains decompressed.

In the drawin' process...

Get ready for a picture overload.  
I couldn't leave any out. 
So precious...I want to squeeze all their cheeks.
The monkeys...not my babies.

 Pinky the Monkey

Rocky the Monkey

Ms. Marshallow the Monkey

Bananas the Monkey

George the Monkey

Noble the Monkey

Cocoa the Monkey

Cheery the Monkey
Most everyone at my school calls me "Rosie"...
includin' the kids, parents, teachers, Admin, etc.

Firework the Monkey

Lula the Monkey

Magic the Monkey

Cutie Pie the Monkey

Lovey the Monkey

Snickers the Monkey

Tulip the Monkey

Baby Love the Monkey

Bill Nye the Monkey Guy

Henry the Monkey

Nutella the Monkey

Gardner the Monkey

Sweetie the Monkey

Sassy the Monkey

I can't even take all the cuteness.
Happy Tuesday my friends!