Monday, May 26, 2014


My friend, Kristen, from Chalk & Apples 
has reached a major milestone of 1,000 followers
and is hostin' a giveaway to celebrate.

Kristen also has some other great reasons to be celebratin'.  
She is joinin' two of her friends, Juliet and Nikki,
and transitionin' to a new collaborative blog,
You should go follow them and enter to win.
Lots of stuff that you don't want to miss out on.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sleepin' with Sea Turtles...Spark Student Motivation...

I'm pretty certain that Saturday is my 
day of the week.  
Can I get an "Amen"?

I'm linkin' up with one of my BBB's, Joanne,
for Spark Student Motivation Saturday.

I'm just goin' to go ahead and admit...
I was NOT happy when my team suggested 
we go on a 5th grade field trip to Sea World in Orlando, Fl.

My complaints...because y'all KNOW I was complainin'...
Not only was I thinkin' these...I was definitely
sayin' them out loud bein' VERY vocal...

1.  What???
That's SIX hours away...I get car sick...which then 
translates into...I'm goin' to barf on the bus.
I am NOT cleanin' up barf...on a movin' bus.
This is why I don't have children.
No...I'm not goin' can't make me.

2. AND...there are NO showers??  I don't like to be dirty.
This is not natural.
I shower at least two to three times a day...EVERY day.
I'm not a germaphobe, but I like to be CLEAN.
You have smelled the 5th graders after P.E.?
You want them to go the ENTIRE time without
a shower TOO?

3.  Furthermore, you want me to sleep AT Sea World?
 In a habitat? With creatures?
In my pajamas?
I will have nightmares every day for the rest of my
life about sharks if you make me sleep with sharks.
I DON'T do sharks.

4. Seriously?
Are you INSANE?
You want me to be at school
at 1:30 in the the DARK, to get on the bus
after teachin' ALL day?
Y'all have seriously done lost your minds!

5. Do they have plugs for air mattresses and devices?
I am not sleepin' on the floor.
Who is goin' to pack me a sleepin' bag?
I don't camp...or glamp...or anything of this nature.
What happens when my cell phone dies?
What if there is an emergency?
How will parents get ahold of me?

There were some positive thoughts....some...

1. Kids are goin' to WANT to go on this trip.
It's goin' to spark some student motivation 
to make them earn this trip.
I'll get to hang it over their heads to behave...
every.second.of.every whoa!
Me likey this idea!

2. We are goin' to miss a WHOLE day of school?
I don't have to write lesson plans?
I like school and all, but I like a "Get out of Jail FREE" 
card every once in awhile in this real-life game of Monopoly.
Okay...I'll think about it.

3. We get to sleep with sea turtles who are calm and relaxin'
instead of the sharks?  Sign me up.
I can totally get down with sea turtles.
No blood curdlin' screams will be escapin' from me.

4. All the kids will have to sleep from 2 a.m. until sunrise
on the bus without bein' able to use devices?
Maybe this won't be so bad after all.

Y'all know I wasn't goin' to let my team
and kiddos go without me...right?

I kicked and screamed just about every minute
before we left on that trip.
I let my teammates that planned it know that
I was NOT happy with their
choice of not sleepin' at a hotel...
on a BED...a soft and comfortable bed.
I even shot laser outs of my eyes when they were
textin' my administrators pictures of "Oscar the Grouch"
on the bus, just before sunrise, after she did not sleep
as promised and didn't have any caffeine in her bloodstream.
There WILL be payback!

When all was said and done though,
the field trip was a HUGE success with 96 happy travelers.
The parents were extremely helpful and complimentary.
All the kids were well-behaved and had an
AMAZIN' time.

Would I spend the night in Sea World again?
That's still up for debate.
There was a lot of walkin' and draggin' our
bags back and forth.  The kids were a little too tired
to enjoy it after bein' up all night the night before.
(No, they did not sleep like we thought they would
on the bus.  Surprise, surprise!)
Next time...if there is a next time,
I think we should stay in a hotel the night before,
enjoy the park the followin' day and THEN
spend the night in there.

Check out the craziness.
Warnin'...lots of pictures ahead.

The Sea Lion and Sea Otter show.

Some of my girls were textin' me selfies...or I returned the favor.

The best photo of the day.

Winnin' Brainy Smurf was absolutely fittin' for my Nerd Herd.

More groupies.

I don't know which impressed me more at the dolphin show...
the dolphins or the aerial acrobatics.  Best show of the day!

We did a craft, ate some pizza and licked some Shamu ice cream before
headin' off on our night tour.

My kids pretty much called me a wimp because I didn't want
to touch any livin' creatures.
I wasn't goin' down like that in front of a bunch of 5th graders, so
I stuck my hand in that tank to pet a shark...I know...
I'm NUTS! 
One of my sweet parents held my hand to to be sure I wouldn't
pass out from this.

Tourin' the shark night.
Obviously they aren't fraidy cats like their teacher.

After draggin' our stuff about five miles to the bathroom
to change for the night (okay, I exaggerate a little)
and kiddos losin' underwear on the way back even though the tour
guide warned them to wrap them up tight....and every 5th grader
used a wet washcloth WITH soap to get off the dirt and germs...
it was FINALLY sleepy time in the sea turtle habitat.
This was super awesome.
I only woke up one time at 2:30 a.m. when one of my kids was
sittin' straight up...asleep.
I don't think the tour guide was too excited to see
my face when I was beggin' her to let me use the
SECRET bathroom.

The mornin' after our sleepover...the turtle was sayin' goodbye to us.

Checkin' out the dolphin grotto before breakfast.

Our final roam around the park before it opened for the day
and we headed back home.

These two lil' stalkers refused to let me sleep on the bus ride back.
They pretty much stared at me through the cracks of the seat
the WHOLE way home!  
I finally gave up and took a billion pics with them.

Smiles all around for an eventful trip.

36 hours later....I was so excited to take a hot shower
and hop in my Big Comfy(that's her name) bed.  
I didn't emerge from my cocoon for FIFTEEN hours.
I didn't feel guilty for sleepin' that long at all.

Joanne, don't be mad at me that I didn't text you while I was there.
I was conservin' my phone battery for fear I would never
see an electrical outlet while I was gone.
One finally appeared at 11:00 at night.
I was able to sleep well though knowin' you might hear me yell
if a sea turtle got me in my sleep.

This week we went on another adventure to
our local waterpark.
This is a tradition for all 3rd through 5th graders...
for a celebration after our state testin'.
This trip is another fabulous way for the upper grades
to spark some student motivation at our school before summer break.
I'm sure you aren't surprised to learn I took another very long nap 
after this adventure also!

Happy Saturday, friends!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Positive Thinking Thursday...Buzzfeed for the win...

It's almost's almost Friday!
Time to link up with my sweet buddy Jennifer
from Mrs. Laffin's Laughings
for Positive Thinking Thursday.

Over two million people on Facebook follow Buzzfeed.  
I'm one of them. 
They posted a link for
I seriously CANNOT stop laughin'. 
I have gone back over the 23 pictures and gifs...multiple times.
I'm just goin' to share a couple of my favorites.
You seriously need to check out the link to the rest.

You know he's dead.

That little girl? Dead.


If these don't make you laugh...
there might be somethin' wrong with you!

Happy Thursday, friends!
Stay positive!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Water Ventures Learning Lab...

Last week my class had a nice surprise organized from 
our awesome Science Leadership Team captain.
Kim teaches 4th grade, but invited my class
to tag along with hers. 
We are so glad that invitation was extended to us.

Water Ventures Florida’s Learning Lab is a traveling science center.
 This amazing vehicle is actually a 53 foot semi-trailer which
 has been customized to provide a platform for
 educational outreach programs.  The truck assembly 
will travel across Florida visiting schools, communities, and events.
 A dynamic staff of trained educators will travel with the truck 
and they will interact directly with the public at every venue. 
*Taken from the Water Ventures Website

This was a super cool adventure for us.
Have any of my Florida bloggy buddies experienced this?

Don't live in Florida, but want to do a virtual field trip? 
Click here or email
Programs to choose from:  Alligators, Springs Around the World, 
Are You Smarter Than a Crayfish?, and Reptile Adaptations

This was a definite winner in my book!

I've been super lazy after returnin' from our overnight
trip to Sea World and haven't felt like
bein' Bloggy McBloggerson.
I will share my trip soon though.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Zentangle & Boogers...Tried it Tuesday

We are gettin' closer and closer to the end.
I am down to less than one month...
includin' weekends.
I can do this...I can do this.
YOU can do this too!
It's time to link up with my sweet friend Holly from
Fourth Grade Flipper for Tried it Tuesday.

Tried it Tuesday #1: Zentangle 
One of our Guidance counselors introduced Zentangle to 
my kids last week and they LOVED it!
I was thankful she had time to do this with them 
because I had originally wanted to do this and forgot.

What is Zentangle?
The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way
 to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.
Almost anyone can use it to create beautiful images.
 It increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction
 along with an increased sense of personal well being. 
The Zentangle Method is enjoyed all over this world across a
 wide range of skills, interests and ages.
We believe that life is an art form and that our Zentangle Method
 is an elegant metaphor for deliberate artistry in life.


At all age levels, whether in public, private or home school environments, 
creating Zentangle art has been associated with improved:
Eye/hand coordination
Creativity and personal expression
Problem solving
Cross-cultural understanding, using various cultural symbols such as 
Indian henna patterns, Celtic knotting, Zuni pottery, 
Maori tattoos or Islamic tiling.
Relaxation and focus

She gave them a sheet to practice some different designs.
She made this tutorial sheet up to fit the needs of my 5th graders
after doin' lots of research & Pinterest browsin'
on her own.

They then got to Zentangle inside a palm tree.

It was awfully QUIET...which is NOT normal in my room.

They were given the first letter to Zentangle in and then had to 
write the other letters of their name.

 Here is a Zentangled palm tree.

Then the 5th Graders taught their 3rd Grade buddies how to Zentangle.
It was great to hear and see them showin'
their buddies what they learned.
This was a win-win for both parties. 

Tried it Tuesday #2: Tryin' to take a class picture
These are my babies.  I've had them for two years.
I'm goin' to miss these Boogers like crazy!
I'll probably snot-sob cry when they leave me.
Shh...don't tell them that I'm a total wimp.
We TRIED to take a nice picture 
(check out the bunny ears on me)

This is a lil' more accurate for my Rockstars and I.
I got my revenge for the bunny ears...
all is well! could you not get attached to all these
wacky personalities?
I love them.
That is all.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Positive Thinking Thursday & May 2014 Goals...

Hello, May.
You snuck up on me and now
I feel like you are flyin' by.
It's time to make some new goals for May and 
knock them out of the park.

I'm linkin' up with one of my best bloggy buddies, A,
from The Babbling Box for May 2014 Goals.

First...I'm reflectin' on my
April Goals: 

1. Get my fishin' license renewed.
It expires in two days.
Last time I went fishin' (see above)
I got checked by F.W.C.
I don't know what the penalty is if you don't have one,
but I don't want to find out.
I don't think I'd like the smell of fishy jail.
Fail.  I haven't been fishin' lately, so I am sure 
I will procrastinate until the next time we go fishin'.

2. Juice at least three out of five work mornin's.
The stress of state testin' made me start 
shovelin' junk back into my mouth.
I didn't even feel bad about it.
I bought a Nutri Bullet last night.
It's time to get back on track.
Just found out tonight that my dad may have
Type 2 Diabetes.
That can be genetic.
I don't want that.
Success and fail. 
I was doin' really awesome, but
Teacher Appreciation Week happened
and I have fallen off the wagon again.

3. Get more Google Friend Connect followers.
I have 112 followers on there, but 400+ on Bloglovin'.
My Type-A personality is gettin' the best of me on this.
It truly bugs me.
It needs to match better.
Anyone want to be my friend?
Pretty please with cherries on top?!
If so, click the blue "Join this Site" button
on the right side of my blog.
It looks like this...
Success.  I have 7 new friends.
Thank you!
If you are're still welcome to join in my
Google Friend Connect party.

4. Keep workin' on my Project Life binder.
Last month I bought one of these and I LOVE it.
I had so many pictures waitin' to be thrown in an album
and more that needed to be printed.
I just love the simplicity and uniqueness of this
form of scrapbookin'/journalin'.
I used a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby to get the 
Midnight Edition of cards and a 40% off coupon at Michael's to 
get pages and the binder.
Then...I went back to get some pens and the punch to round
the edges of my pictures.
So far, my Project Life binder  is a hodge podge
of the past four years of my life.
Pictures are I need to go back and write on the cards.
Thank you to Kelly at A View Into My Classroom
for bein' my inspiration for this.
Still workin' on this.  
I keep takin' more I need to keep printin'.

5. Stay positive in the upcomin' weeks.
Do not let the stress overtake me.
We survived state testin'.
Now the end of the year stress is startin' to set in.
There is somethin' every single day on my calendar
until the end of the year.
I know I'm not the only one...that helps!


May Goals: 

1.  Bargain hunt for a plane ticket to CA.
I'm headin' out to see my family and Nitty 
for at least a month, if not longer.
I am so ready to see them and I know they're 
ready for me to be there with them.
Family time is healthy for the soul.
Any suggestions on best websites to use?

2.  Write "Thank You" notes to my kids and parents
for all the thoughtful cards and treats I have received
for Teacher Appreciation Week.  I also would like
my kids to write a "Thank You" to our fabulous 
presenters we had for Junior Achievement Day.
I really enjoy this program.

3. Find a new pair of rain boots.
I just ordered a monogrammed rain jacket
I need a new pair or matchin' boots.
Last week we had some awful rain and runnin' through 
ginormous rain puddles, water was pourin' into my current boots.
The point of rain boots is to keep your feet dry...not sloshy!

4.  Survive an overnight field trip to Sea World with 
eighty 5th graders and parents.
We are leavin' at 2 a.m., drivin' through the wee hours to Orlando,
spendin' all day at the park and sleepin' 
in the sea turtle habitat.
We'll do an activity the next mornin' and head back home.
My only major concern...I can't shower...
which means 5th graders
can't shower either.
Enough said.

5. Continue to stay positive through the end of the year.
I seriously get worked up over every lil' thing lately.
I need to RELAX!
So...I'm joinin' up with Jennifer from 
Positive Thinking Thursday.
My past two posts about nappin' and bacon have been funny...
or at least I thought so.  
I'm goin' serious today.
Hope ya'll will still love me.

Happy Thursday, friends!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Start your engines...Tried it Tuesday

Time to link up with my sweet friend Holly
Tried it Tuesday.

Tried it Awesomeness #1: My first NASCAR race
Four years ago when Jerm and I got together, he MADE me
pick a Nascar driver. 
I looked at him sideways as he pulled up all the drivers for
me to check out.  
I knew NOTHIN' about
I did what any smart girl would do,
I picked my favorite number.
#11-Denny Hamlin.
Denny tore it up (that's a good thing) the year 
I started watchin'...on the T.V.
I'm a great cheerleader from the couch.
I couldn't avoid the great outdoors forever though.
This past weekend, nine of us headed off to 
Talladega Superspeedway to 
watch the race.
Let me just scream...
Tailgatin' at 8:30 a.m. makes for a VERY long day!

You can get a really nice suntan though.

Goin' with buddies is a fabulous idea.  Sissy-in-law selfies.

The best part of all.  
MY DRIVER WON!!!!!!!!!!
I was FLIPPIN' of the coolest
things I've gotten to witness.

Even though I had the time of my life,
I said I can't ever go back.
How do you top your driver winnin' 
the first race you go to?
You can't.

Tried it Awesomeness #2: B.B.F. Award
Do you know my sweet friend Brooke from Smarter Balanced Teacher?
She gave me an award.  
Not just any award, but the coolest award of all time...
"The Best Blogging Friend Award" and I was blown away!
She made this for ME...M-E!
(Read why here)
Is that seriously not the sweetest thing? ROCK and I HEART you!
Since Brooke tagged me...I get to tag someone else.
This was a really tough decision for me
because I love all my bloggy buddies and want them
by my side in real life at all times.
That's not how this works though.
I have to choose one.
So, here goes...
my B.B.F. this time goes to...

Erin aka Miss Lifesaver
Miss Lifesaver
Erin and I have talked about EVERYTHING
under the sun!
She just gets me and I love her dearly.
We have some of the funniest and some of the 
most serious conversations.
We email, we text, we Facebook, etc.
It honestly feels like we have been friends forever.'re it. 
Your turn to choose someone else.

Before I go...did you have a chance to check out 
I chose Cassie from Funky in Fourth 
Funky in Fourth

Cassie is havin' her very first ever Rafflecopter giveaway.
Be sure to go give Cassie some love.

I'm sure you've heard there is a TpT sale goin' on.
Thank you to Hello Literacy Designs for the cute graphic.
I'm havin' a sale in my store and so is Double Trouble.
Teachers do ROCK!

Happy Tuesday, friends!