About Me

Welcome to Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'.
My name is Alison Lea Rose 
and I'm a 5th Grade Talented and Gifted loopin' teacher.

I will be startin' my 18th year of teachin' in 2015-2016.
I will be teachin' 5th grade again this year.
Recently I finished a two year loop from fourth to fifth.
Before that, I did a three year loop from third to fifth.
I absolutely LOVE loopin'.
The only problem, I get extremely attached to my students
and feel an awful void when I have to say goodbye.
I have taught every grade level in elementary, K-5.
I'd have to say I enjoy "big kids" for their independence
and ability to challenge me at every twist and turn...
in a good way!
I'm an outside of the box thinker and learner.
I love to incorporate technology as much as possible
in my teachin'.
I love to see my students rock in the classroom and
I absolutely love learnin' new things...
for and with them.

I'm located on the Emerald Coast in
Panama City Beach, Florida.
I have lived almost my whole life in Florida.
I was born in Georgia, but only spent a short time there
before movin' to the Southwest of Florida in Naples.
It's absolutely beautiful there, but I craved a slower paced
environment and found that in the Panhandle.
I wear flip flops almost daily and this makes me happy!

I am loved by some very special people in my life.
I have a wonderful man named Jerm who treats me entirely 
too well and cooks for me.
We were married in December of 2014.
He's the most patient person I know.
He's a keeper and I love him immensely.

I am an only lonely child and am lucky to have two of the most
carin' parents in the entire world, Mommy and Daddy Rose.
They live far away from me in Monterey County, California.
I am fortunate to be able to visit them at least twice a year
durin' Thanksgivin' and Christmas and often summers.
I can't complain...both of my homes are beautiful.

I teach next door to my bestie, Anna Catherine.
We have an accordion style wall between us, but it is open
at least six feet at all times.
We have separation anxiety and don't like to be apart
from one another for long periods of time.
She is quiet...I am loud...but we even each other out.
She is by far the most intelligent and creative teacher
I have ever met and am blessed to be able to learn from her.
She makes me strive to be a better teacher,
each and every day.

I was introduced to the bloggy world by one of my other besties, 
We actually teach at the same school and spend a great
deal of time together, creatin' and chit-chattin'.
She is so innovative and has a brain that is constantly goin'.
She has taught me so very much and inspires me every day.
We have joined together to create a collaborative TpT Store

I have learned so much in the two year since I started bloggin'.
I am impressed daily by so many fabulous teachers
in this awesome bloggy world.
I am constantly readin' and grabbin' ideas from everyone.
I seriously want to try it all...everythin' that everyone else is doin'.

When I'm not bloggin'...you can probably catch me readin',
cheerin' for my favorite sports teams 
New Orleans Saints, Boston Red Sox, and Miami Hurricanes,
runnin' around in circles, stuffin' my face, listenin' to music,
laughin', smilin', takin' a nap,
avoidin' laundry and cookin', or watchin' Netflix.

Yes...I use the "in'" in all of my posts.  
I hope you aren't offended, but it goes with my blog title.

I hope that you will introduce yourself and come back to visit.

Happy readin', friends!

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  1. We really have a lot in common!! It is always so hard to be away from home! FL was the other state on our list of places to possible teach!:) Thanks for filling out my google form! Let me know if I can every do that for you! :)
    Mixing it up in Middle


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